In the late 1940’s and 50’s, it was not allowed to show belly buttons on the big screens as well as in public places. This was the time when navel piercing is about to start. Slowly but steadily, the demand and craze of navel piercing is increasing in youths as well as in old people too.

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Nowadays, navel piercing is one of the latest fashions of today’s youth. People become so much crazy for navel piercing that they want to pierce their navel knowing the fact that it can take approximate 4 moths to one year to heal. Navel piercing is a great way of showing their sexy and hot navel to others. There are a lot of hot and sexy navel piercing ideas through which one can easily flaunt their natural beauty. Here we are also giving the various types of navel piercing.

Sexy Navel Piercing Ideas

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Innie Piercing  is one of the largest accepted navel piercing types. In this type, the piercing is done just above the navel plug.

Pros: – It looks great and awesome on a well-shaped abdomen.

Cons: – If it is not performed correctly, then there may be a chance of torn off your piercing.

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Outie Navel Piercing  is one of the most complicated types of navel piercing. This type of piercing can be done leftward from your belly button.

Pros: – It gives a sexy and hot look to your navel.

Cons: – In this type of navel piercing heavy blood loss take place due to which there is a risk of getting infected quickly.

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You can widely see this type of navel piercing these days. That’s why it is also called as the standard type of piercing. Upper Rim navel piercing is performed at the top of the navel ring.

Pros: – It is an easy, comfortable and stylish type of navel piercing as compared to other types of navel piercing.

Cons: – Sometimes it may be lead to swelling of the navel due to which it also leads to various infections or side effects.

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It is not used often by people. It is performed at the bottom side or part of the belly button ring.

Pros: – It gives a stylish and amazing look to the lower part of your navel.

Cons: – It also may lead to a lot of side effects like swelling, pain, scarring and infections.

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As its name suggests this type of navel piercing is performed on either the sides that are left or right side of your belly buttons.

It is possible to do the navel piercing up to all sides around your navel, but it does not mean that you can perform all navels piercing at a time. It is full of risks. It is also necessary for you to care it properly after piercing. You should remember the following piercing care and rules which surely helps you to avoid the side effects of navel piercing.

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Sexy Navel Piercing Ideas

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When it comes to talking about body piercing, one cannot help but include navel piercing. This is a very sexy place for piercing and navel piercing is something that many people go for as it makes a very appealing picture to flaunt. When you think of getting a navel piercing, then do make it a point of finding all about navel piercing aftercare. For any piercing after care is really important to ensure that the piercing heals and when we are talking about a sensitive place like the navel where you are going to get a navel piercing, then you should really do your research. The thing about navel piercing aftercare is that while it is not difficult, it is definitely essential. Ignoring the aftercare of the navel piercing will not only lead to a lot of discomfort but also could spoil the whole effect you are hoping to create by getting it in the first place.


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