Our obsession with shoes cannot be compared to anything or anyone else. Sure, we may love our partners, pets, and family members with every ounce of our being, but there’s something quite extraordinary about a woman’s relationship with her heels. Nothing seems to make us feel quite as beautiful as a pair of stilettos, with British fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood explaining, “Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women’s beauty on a pedestal.”

How to Replace Your Heels with Flats

Heels are loved for their ability to provide height and confidence, instantly being the choice of footwear to upgrade any outfit. But what many of us are stuck on is the fact that our flat-heeled options can be just as empowering and chic, as the fashion editors that compiled the flats collection on Lyst indicate that sandals, lace-ups, espadrilles, thongs and such have replaced our tall shoes as the new must-haves.

Replace Your Heels with Flats

You may love your heels, but there are comfortable alternatives that have just as much of that wow factor you get from a pair of pumps or casual wedges:

Classic Black

Whether they are peep toes or strappy sandals, black heels will literally match any ensemble you put together. Black flats are just as powerful in terms of sophistication, and believe it or not, black sneakers can be just as sleek as you black heels when they come with a glossy finish.


Too much sparkle on a pump can look pretty tacky, so if you’re a fan of embellishments like sequins and studs, fashion and beauty writer Erin McKelle Fischer says that you’ll have plenty of options in the flat shoes department. This proves that flats are anything but boring, and that they can be just as fun as heels.

Barely-There Straps

Sandals are always great for showing off some extra skin without pulling focus for the rest of the outfit. The beauty of the near-naked strappy flats is their versatility, a stylish choice for a long flowy dress and an elegant addition to the jeans-and-tee combo. The key is minimalism.

Sexy Nude

Footwear in skin tone offers a clean, refined look that just screams perfection, suitable for the workplace and other formal settings, but these work for casual occasions as well. Much like the barely-there strappy sandals, nude flats almost make it seem like you are barefoot, so make sure to you give them a good clean before stepping out of the house.


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