Lifestyle Tips: How Boys Grow Up To Be Men?

Those coming of age movies like “Boyhood” or “Ladybird” sure can paint a vivid picture of the struggles we endure to become mature. But what does it really take to become a man? Each journey is unique and there are no definite rules to tackling life’s challenges. The process is actually quite chaotic and teeming with insurgent energy. The pre-adolescent period, in particular, is filled with everyday transformations that shape us into responsible people.

It’s hard to tell when and how boys stop being boys and grow up to become men. There is no universal formula that will give you an answer to that question. Some boys turn into men in early stages of life, others achieve that moment of self-consciousness and clarity late into their thirties or even forties! But there are some discreet indicators that show that the transformation is, in fact, complete. Let’s find out what makes a boy into a proper modern-day gentleman…

How Boys Grow Up To Be Men

Sense of appearance

It’s very well known that genuine human qualities are hidden deep inside our souls. But let’s not fool ourselves when talking about our sense of fashion. There is a huge difference when you live, for instance, by high-class Italian fashion standards or just prefer to be a simple bloke 24/7 in a casual T-shirt. Point being – your fashion sense can speak volumes about your manhood and how you treat yourself!

Fashion can reflect a lot about our self-worth and dignity. It is not a matter of formality or trendsetting but opting for clothing pieces which enhance your character and show the world that you mean business. If your wardrobe includes masculine staples like elegant suits, quality leather briefcases for men, classy shoes and accessories, sophisticated shirts, and stylish coats – then you, sir, are dressed as any gentleman should. Remember, your sense of appearance can reveal a lot about what kind of man you really are, so pick your colors wisely and wear them proudly.

Sense of humor

To see how we use our wits and demonstrate our social skills is crucial for a man. This includes our sense of humor and everything our thoughts are composed of. Such qualities can make or break someone’s decision to work with you, communicate or even fall in love. Everything we say or do is a product of our cunning and the way we perceive reality around us.

Take, for instance, organizing stag do’s. Would you rather spend a stag do getaway in Budapest, Prague, or Berlin – or just hang out in your local pub until you get stone-cold hammered? Humor is also class. How we choose to have fun can say a lot about our manhood. Binge-drinking is all fine and dandy but there is something alluring when you can show gravitas and elegance, even in alcohol. Humor and wits reflect how we overcome even the hardest challenges life throws our way. Remember, the strongest among us are those who have genuine smile despite the heavy thoughts that dwell inside our minds.

A man’s gotta do what a man gotta do, and a bit more…

Nothing can paint a better picture of what kind of a man you truly are than the routine activities you put yourself through every day. From time to time, all men have to do some chores and keep their hygiene in check. Keeping your household clean and doing laundry is something every man has to do if he is to work on his maturity. Try to maintain a useful habit of keeping your home tidy and you will never have to rely on housemaids’ help or anyone for that matter. Self-sufficiency sets certain core values so roll up those sleeves and work it!

A sound mind in a sound body

Just as we need to keep our households organized and clean, we also need to put serious effort into maintaining our physical health. It’s a very well known fact that fitness exercises can affect your well-being and your physical prowess. Going to the gym no more then twice a week can do miracles to your body and soul. Try to put as much effort as you can in building your physical health because, unlike other things, no one else is going to do it for you. Today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain. Don’t forget that! With a sound body and mind, you will be ready for all the challenges life throws at your way.

In conclusion…

Growing up from a boy that hides under his mother’s skirt when he gets scared to a man capable of solving the hardest life’s struggles is a turbulent and vivid journey. There may be no rules to coming of age but it takes conscious effort to do it, nonetheless. Start by dressing elegantly, eating properly and keeping your health and home in check. Oh, and never forget – the role of a man is to be a column of support for everyone he holds dear even in the bleakest of moments! It takes courage and strength to grow up so takes it one step at a time.

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