The Procedures That Will Have You Enter 2022 Looking 10 Years Younger

A new year has begun, and with it, a fresh start. With it, many people set new year’s goals for themselves, hoping to better themselves for the year to come. For some, this may be to quit smoking or start dieting and exercising. Others may wish to better themselves by seeking cosmetic surgery to help solve longstanding insecurity.

After taking a brief dip due to the closures of the pandemic, cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever, with facial cosmetic procedures especially finding a surge in popularity for those looking to achieve a more youthful appearance in their face.

The signs of aging in the face can come in a wide range of ways, from lines and wrinkles to sagging skin, to dark circles and drooping brows. So what are some of the facial cosmetic surgeries that are helping people turn back the clock on the signs of aging in 2022? 

A Facelift

The facelift is one of the most popular forms of facial cosmetic surgery for helping a person achieve a youthful appearance. In fact, it was the third most popular plastic surgery in 2022. What makes this procedure so popular is its ability to treat a large number of cosmetic concerns on the face at once, ranging from the chin to the forehead and everything in between.

Less thorough types of facelifts exist as well to treat specific areas of the face, such as just the midsection of the face, also known as a cheek lift, or the lower portion of the face, known as the mini facelift.

The mini facelift is another less intense surgery option for those looking to stay ahead of the aging process and who don’t quite need a full facelift yet. Finally, there is the mid-facelift, which targets issues in the eyes and cheek areas.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty is another one of the types of cosmetic surgeries that saw an increase in demand during the pandemic. This is usurpingly, considering many now find themselves staring at themselves during daily Zoom calls for remote work.

Eyelid surgery can take years off a person’s face and help treat several issues related to the eye region to make a person appear more alert, present, and refreshed. 

For example, upper eyelid blepharoplasty can help treat sagging eyelids that can give a person an appearance of drowsiness.

Meanwhile, lower blepharoplasty can help treat dark circles and puffy under-eye bags.


The nose job is consistently the most popular cosmetic surgery that both men and women get every year, not just on the face but including the entire body. The nose job often beat out procedures such as liposuction, boob jobs, and tummy tucks, with almost 365,000 people having the procedure in 2020 alone.

Rhinoplasty can help correct several nose issues that throw off a person’s facial symmetry, such as size, shape, bends, and bumps that can form either from birth or due to injury.

Some studies say that having proper facial symmetry is a big factor in how our minds subconsciously perceive attractiveness in a person and having an asymmetrical nose can throw off this symmetry, even if people don’t immediately know why.

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