10 Jaw-Dropping Bridal Fashion Trends In India

The wedding day is D-Day for most women. Most women dream about their wedding day since childhood. They make plans and sometimes even draw sketches about their plans. Although, over a period of time there plan gets changed a lot of times. The reason being that is the people mostly like the fashion products that are trendy. Now something that was trendy when a person was 7 year old will be very different from the things that will be trendy when a person will get ready to do the wedding, and thus, over a period of time following are some of the jaw dropping Bridal fashion trends in India.

Lehenga Choli

A classic red Lehenga Choli is what the most common outfit of a bride, nowadays. A red lehenga choli is also traditional attire in most cultures in India. Traditional attires can be super cool and lehenga choli is just an example of that. Although lehenga choli may be of many different types but the most common among them is a dark coloured one as it gives a classy look to the bride on her wedding day.

“I could have worn anything, but I chose a purple lehenga choli. I couldn’t imagine my special day without a traditional attire” says Sayantani who is also an expert tutor at the Statistics Assignment Help.

Kundan Sets:

We all might have guessed by now that the traditional ones are the ones that are most trendy. Well, kundan sets are no exception. Kundan jewelry is believed to have originated from the royalties of Rajasthan and Gujrat. Kundan sets are beautiful and they do complement everyone’s neck. Kundan sets are considered very graceful for a wedding day.

Traditional Banarasi Saree:

Banarasi silk sarees are very common in bengali weddings. A major part of the population of West Bengal and Assam, India, still abundantly wear Banarasi silk saree in weddings. These sarees have so much variety that there is one kind for every occasion. These sarees are centuries old tradition and there is nothing shocking to find them trendy and classy again. Again, people nowadays like the traditional ones, the most.

“I have one Banarasi Silk Saree ready, whatever the occasion is. I am always prepared, thanks to the variety available for Banarasi silk saree,” says Panchami, a writer at Homework Writing Services.

Matha Patti:

Matha patti is a Jewelry that looks like a headband. It is made out of beads or metal. Matha patti is widely owned and worn by brides all over india and it is most certainly a trend. Matha patti is also a very traditional jewelry item and holds a huge fanbase in India. Matha patti is an elaborated version of maang tikka and is an integral part of an Indian Bride.

“I cannot imagine being married without a Matha Patti.” Says, Sanchi who is a physics tutor at AP Physics Tutors.

Heavy Neck Choker:

Next comes the very famous neck choker. The chokers are very famous and trending now and they cover your next gracefully. They are a fashion statement now and any bride who is conscious about her fashion sense will definitely choose this piece of jewelry to wear it on her D-day. The history of chokers results back to as back as the 1800s, chokers were donned by women in ancient civilizations, worn to protect what even back then they understood to be a very important part of the body, the neck. The history of the choker dates back thousands of years, to the world’s earliest civilizations, the Sumer Empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Markowitz said women in both these ancient worlds wore chokers, often pairing them with other necklaces, for the same reason they wore all jewelry–to protect them and give them power. 

Messy Bun:

Messy bun is definitely a new trend and there is nothing traditional about it. Although the messy bun really brings out the texture of your hair. Those who want to flaunt their hair texture on their wedding day usually go with this hairstyle. This looks really classy and gives an elegant and simple look.

“For those who are getting married this year, go with the messy bun. It never disappoints.” Says, Mansi, a writer at Pay for writing papers.

Half Bun Updo:

Beach Wave Half Up Half Down Bun. Effortless beach waves with an imperfect bun to match. There’s nothing better than a nicely done half bun updo. These hairstyles look very aesthetic and will just click if you are planning to wear something very elegant yet simple on your wedding day.

Braided Hair With Floral Touch:

Braided hair floral touch is again a kind of traditional hairstyle.It is basically your hair braided really long. It may be your own hair or even a wig and then the braided hair is decorated more with natural or artificial flowers. This hairstyle will make anybody look very elegant. This is why braided hair with floral touch is a better choice if you are going with an elegant dress rather than a simpler one.

Sakshi from best online yoga classes says, “I had my hair floral braided in my wedding and the photos turned out to be unspeakably amazing, I recommend this to everyone out there.”

Ethnic Ghagra:

Ethic Ghagra is another dressing style that is commonly worn by the Indian brides and it has a lot of similarities with the Lehenga Choli. The ghagra has its origin in the candataka, which had become a popular garment in the Gupta period. The candataka was men’s half trousers which eventually developed into the ghagra.


Meenakari is a compound word that is formed with two words Meena and Kari. Meenakari is a kind of jewelry that is gradually coming into the trend and nowadays many brides are seen wearing this kind of jewelry. This piece is absolutely stunning and complements whoever wears it. Meenakari jewelry has a variety and each one of them is equally royal.

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