12 Singers Who Are Famous for Their Stylish Eyewear

Have you ever once suffered through your school days for wearing geeky glasses   that gave you nicknames such as “Sir Specs-a-Lot” or“four-eyes?”

Well if that’s the case, you have come to the perfect place to fix your inner child’s injured pride, because these superstars with eyeglasses have switched a long-time nerd label into a stylish trend.

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You should put aside those old stories of the pre-Harry Potter when only the smart kids in toons pimped specs and let all these celebs wearing eyeglasses change your slightly fuzzy self-image.

Here you will find both pop and rock stars who’ve turned their eyeglasses into a hallmark fashion, and perpetual contacts users who you might not have even known had not-so-perfect eyesight.

Let’shave a look at how these singers change their looks with glasses they wear. These are the great inspirations for you.

Singers Who Are Famous for Their Stylish Eyewear

1.  Buddy Holly

Charles Hardin Holley was regarded as one of the founders of Rock ‘n roll genre experiencing achievements for just a year before he passed away in a plane crash at only 23 years of age. 

His hit numbers were “PeggySue,”“oh boy,” and “that will be the days.” Buddy Holly’s wayfarer style of spectacles is still as well-liked these days as it was in the ’50s.

2.  Rivers Cuomo, Weezer

As renowned for his eyeglasses as he is actually for undoing knit tops, Rivers flew his geek flag higher and developed a picture that was around both his sweater vests and his music. It could not be because he looked just the way he is…

3.  Elton John

Also known as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Sir Elton John who has sold more than 300 million records in his four-decade career made him the single most successful musicians of all time with his “Candle in the Wind” sold out over 40 million copies that made him one of the best selling singer of all time. 

He’s also had hits such as “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” “Your Song,” “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” in duet with George Michael. Sir Elton John is frequently seen donning many different styles of eyeglasses, his selection of eyewear has become far more lined up than back in his early times.

4.  Justin Bieber

You heard that right, Biebs in some cases busts out with a pair of glasses! Although some say he dons them for eyesight reasons, some others state they’re only an adjunct he uses so as to look more mature and older. He’s genuinely a great performer who certainly looks adorable with spectacles as well.

5.  Bono (U2)

Bono, generally known as Paul David Hewson, most widely known for being the leading singer in the rockband U2.  Bono and the band have grown to be incredibly prosperous with a chain of Platinum-selling records such as their latest release: No Line on the Horizon, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and Joshua Tree.

A hit after hit including “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” “With or Without You,” “Beautiful Day,” and “Pride.”  If you are searching for Bono’s 9592Shades, they are available at some big optical online stores for almost    £150.11.

6.  Kanye West

Kanye may brag about his Benz, but we are also betting his glasses will cost more than our houses. It doesn’t matter if they are style or purpose nobody understands, but we can hope that with his spectacles on, Kanye’s DONDA eyesight will end up even better.

7.  Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker, the first kind man of the 1990’s music group “Pulp,” had huge achievements with Pulp’s 1998 record “different class” including hit songs “Disco 2000” and “Common People.” Jarvis Cocker continued to release his single album name “Jarvis” in 2005 even though the album did not fairly match the prosperity of the Pulp days during the 1990s.  The dense plastic material rimmed spectacles are very irresistible to those searching for that nerdy look.

8.  Justin Timberlake

Does it seem jinx when it comes to the name Justin and looking amazing with glasses or am, I over thinking?

I certainly not because Justin Timberlake is without a doubt a good acting professional and a gentleman who looks very attractive with his spectacles. Actor and singer Justin Timberlake once showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that the specs he is usually noticed using are caused by the truth that he’s nearsighted.  

Timberlake wore his spectacles right away and told Jim “I can easily see you, but I cannot see the audience.”  

9.  Lisa Loeb

She started her career back in the 90s with her hit “stay,” and in those times she never signed to any record label.  Lisa has been doing both television and film work and also becoming the voiceover for Mary Jane in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Respectable mention

10.Michael Jackson

He was not actually famous for wearing spectacles/shades in his videos but was usually seen donning his aviator shades during public appearances.

11.Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is in my view point one of the current picks of personas which is rocketing up her list as a spectacle wearing star.

12.Britney Spears

No offense, when she wanted to be noticed on some occasions taken seriously in the X-factor show, she started using a pair of goggles to make herself smart and cool. I don’t know the reason why she left the season but honestly speaking she was doing well in her all shows.

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