Clutter. Are you for it or against it? Me personally, I cannot function properly in a messy room. It almost sets the tone for the type of work week I’ll have too. As crazy as it may sound, there are people who actually can function just fine in a messy room… how they do it, I don’t know. I can’t step on or over clothes on the floor and be okay with it.

Do you ever get a feeling of excitement to walk in your bedroom and your room is nice and clean with fresh sheets on your bed? I do! There’s just something about getting in a bed with fresh sheets, especially after you’ve bathed… it just overall makes you sleep better and feel better.

Well, whether you realize it or not, the state that your bedroom is in does have an effect on you. It can affect your physical and mental health for better or for worse. In knowing that, you would think that people would put more effort into taking better care of their rooms, and in return, it would be taking better care of them as well, but even though people know better, that doesn’t mean that they will do better.

Your bedroom isn’t a place you typically would think of as being the source of physical or mental health issues, and that’s probably why it is often times overlooked. Well, the overlooking ends today. We’re going to look at these ways your bedroom affects your health. Once you’ve been thoroughly informed, I expect you to go and clean your room!

Your Bedding Attracts Dust Mites and Hosts Bacteria

On average, you lose about a million dead skin cells per day, but how many of those skin cells do you think you lose while you’re sleeping? It’s a little gross if you really sit back and think about it. While you’re sleeping, those dead skin cells build up and get embedded into your bedding. Now, it’s not piles of gunk that you can visibly see, but guess who can see them? Dust mites!

Dead skin cells are dust mites’ favorite food… almost like the bag of chips, you like to munch on when you get home from work! With the accumulation of dead skin cells in your bedding, it’s like inviting those dust mites to come and interrupt your sleep.

What you can do: Wash your sheets regularly. Ideally, you want to wash your sheets once a week, but there’s no set-in-stone frequency on how often to wash your sheets. This task is much easier for people who have a washer and dryer in their home, but it can be a bit of an inconvenience for those who have to go to the laundromat, so at least, wash them every two weeks. Not doing so can cause you to experience allergic reactions such as itching, sneezing, and watery eyes.

A Messy Room is a Stressful Room

Subconsciously, a messy room can affect your mentality and actually cause you stress. When your room is full of clutter, it can also cause your brain to feel cluttered as well, giving you a feeling of disorganization. I personally have a chaotic day, and sometimes work week, when my room is a mess. A messy room can also cause you to not sleep well either, and when you don’t sleep well… nothing good has ever resulted from that. Not sleeping well can affect your mental health as well, so investing in quality bedding can also potentially help get rid of mental health issues that could be caused by lack of sleep.

What you can do: One of the first things that can definitely help your sanity out is making up your bed. When you make up your bed, it sets the tone for your day in the aspect of accomplishment. If you make up your bed when you first wake up in the morning, that is your first accomplishment of the day, allowing you the mentality to accomplish more goals that day.

Also, invest in good bedding. You may not realize this as well, but having good quality bedding allows for a better night’s sleep. So with rest in mind, choose  bedding designed for quality rest.

A Smelly Bedroom Can Keep You Awake

It’s always nice and refreshing to walk into a bedroom with the fresh, calming scent of lavender (which helps you go to sleep), but what if you walk into your bedroom and it has the polar opposite smell? A smell so bad that it keeps you awake! If your bedroom is smelling so bad that it’s keeping you from getting rest, then you need to make some serious changes!

What you can do: Keeping plug-ins in your bedroom will give your bedroom a nice scent. Also check around your room to see if there is something hidden in your room, like food, that’s giving your room such a pungent smell, and then again, it could just be past time for your laundry to be done!

Your Messy Room Attracts Bugs

All those cookie and potato chip crumbs have made your bedroom “open for business” to the entire cast of A Bug’s Life. With our bedrooms being meant to be a place of comfort, that doesn’t mean that we should indulge in comfort foods there as well!

Your bedroom is where you sleep, the kitchen is where you cook and eat… well, it should be. If we all utilized the rooms in our home for their intended purposes, we wouldn’t have those issues. Bugs in your room can keep you awake at night, simply out of fear from one getting on you. Depending on the type of bugs you’ve attracted, those bugs can potentially bite you too, especially if spiders are involved.

What you can do: STOP EATING IN YOUR ROOM!


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