7 Types Of Leggings Every Fashionista Is Obsessed With

Leggings for women are a wardrobe staple because they are so comfortable and let’s not forget the versatility they offer. Whether you’re going to the gym, running errands, a festive occasion or even a casual day in, leggings are the go-to fashion wear for every woman. The leggings fashion has come so far, there are 7 types of leggings and we will show you how to style them all.

The classic and basic black leggings

Whenever in doubt, just wear black. Black leggings are a wardrobe staple for every woman and if you have got a few pairs, you’d know how easy it is to style them. Whether it is your tops, long T-shirts, oversized T-shirts or kurtis, any kind of top can be paired with black leggings for women. If it’s winter, you can opt for an oversized sweater or a cable knit sweater on your black leggings.

Embrace the bold with printed leggings

Add some excitement to your wardrobe with printed leggings which can bring out your bold side. If you want to have fun with the prints, you can opt for either animal, floral or even geometric designs to go with. To ensure the focus remains on your leggings, you can pair them with a solid-coloured top and accessories minimally such as a delicate chain or bracelets and earrings.

Go wild with leather leggings

Get your biker chic on with leather leggings for women which you can pair with a solid or printed top and a biker jacket too. Sneakers and boots are the perfect footwear choice to add an urban flair to your edgy look. This look is ideal for a night out with your friends such as going to a club or a concert.

Be sporty in mesh panel leggings

If you are looking forward to joining a gym, mesh panel leggings and a tank top are the perfect athleisure wear. A sleek sports bra or a loose tank top are also great options to pair with your leggings. Stretching in these beauties will be super easy. Whether you’re going for a walk, to the gym or to yoga, mesh panel leggings can be paired with the right sports shoes.

High-waisted leggings

High-waisted leggings are flattering for almost all body types. If you wish to wear crop tops, these leggings for women are an ideal choice, especially if they are ankle-length. Ankle-length boots or heels are the ideal footwear choice to add elegance to your look.

Showcase your fun side with coloured leggings

If you want to add colours to your wardrobe, colourful leggings are the way to go. From yellow, blue, orange and green, you can experiment with different colours that can be paired with several tops and shirts. Explore your fun side with coloured leggings.

Capri leggings

Calf-length leggings are an ideal bottom wear if you just want to lounge around the house. A lazy day can be topped with capri leggings which you can pair with an oversized T-shirt and slippers. 

With the right styling, leggings for women can become relaxed fashion wear and with the multiple tops that you can pair them with, it’s time you stock your wardrobe with these different leggings styles.

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