8 Good Reasons to Give Up Alcohol

We tend to think there needs to be a huge catalyst in our lives before we commit to giving up alcohol.

For example, getting a DUI can be one such reason that you could rightly decide that drinking is no longer for you.

At the same time, there are many effects on our daily lives that we don’t necessarily notice because they aren’t as immediately dramatic, but that doesn’t mean their effects don’t add up over time.

With that in mind, the following are 8 good reasons to give up alcohol or at least start making changes in your drinking habits.

1. You Can Save Money

Alcohol is expensive, whether you drink at home, at bars, or at restaurants. If you stop buying alcohol in all settings, you’ll save money.

That money can instead be put into an emergency fund or maybe used to start a retirement account.

If you want to motivate yourself, go over your credit card and debit card transactions for the past few months and see how much your spending on alcohol adds up.

You have to think about not just the direct expenses of drinking but also the indirect costs. For example, when you drink maybe you crave food and so then you pay more for delivery, or perhaps when your inhibitions are lower you have a tendency to shop online and buy things you don’t need.

2. Your Skin Will Look Better

We often spend hundreds of dollars trying to get our skin to be clear and glowing, but have you tried giving up alcohol?

Alcohol contains high levels of toxins, increasing your risk of developing acne. Alcohol can also dry out and dehydrate your entire body, meaning you might start to show signs of premature aging.

You’re likely to notice pretty significant changes in the health and appearance of your skin relatively soon after you stop drinking.

3. Stop Suffering From Hangovers

Hangovers are miserable, and they impair the quality of your life, especially if you get them frequently. If you stop drinking, you’ll find that your mornings become more enjoyable. You’ll feel more refreshed and productive. You’ll probably notice that you’ll do better at work and maybe be able to commit to things like working out in the morning that you never thought you could do before.

4. Heal Your Brain

When you drink on a regular basis, it’s damaging your brain. This is true even if you’re relatively young. You’re damaging brain cells, and you may feel more brain fog and a lack of clarity. This can also hamper your productivity.

When you give up drinking, your brain can start to heal itself.

When you have a sober brain and increased mental clarity, you can start to make better decisions as well.

5. Boost Your Relationships

Your romantic, friend, and family relationships may be suffering because of your alcohol use, even if you don’t realize it. Your personality likely changes and that can cause a divide between you and the people you care about.

When you stop drinking, you can approach your relationships in a clear-headed way, and your loved ones won’t have to worry about what version of you they’re going to get.

6. Organ Health

We already talked about the importance of brain health and how alcohol can impact it.

Alcohol affects every part of your body, however.

If you stop drinking, you’re likely going to see better heart health. Excessive alcohol use is linked to a higher risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure. Liver damage is also associated with alcohol use.

Your liver can repair itself and return to normal function if you quit drinking, though. Many people see significant health benefits and restoration just a few weeks after they stop drinking.

7. Weight Loss

If you feel like your weight loss efforts aren’t panning out, it may be because of alcohol. Alcohol is high in sugar and has no nutritional value. It’s also packed with sugar. You may not realize you’re drinking your calories.

Along with the direct effects of alcohol on your weight, if you drink, you may be less likely to exercise and more likely to make poor food choices.

8. Increased Confidence

Finally, if you make the decision to stop drinking, you’re likely to feel confident and empowered. You will have challenged yourself to make a change, and if you can stick with it, you’ll mentally and physically better, and like you can take on anything.

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