Advantages of Plant-based DHT Blocker capsules for Hairfall control

Hair loss and subsequent baldness have been common among men for eons. Uncontrollable hair falls starting right after you hit puberty, then a gradually receding hairline leading to thinning and baldness is generally how it goes. While there might be other reasons for this, such as nutritional deficiencies, medications, stress or diseases, more often than not, it is your genes and hormones doing the bad work.

This is what actually goes on: In genetically susceptible men, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen derived from testosterone, latches onto the 5-AR receptors in your hair follicles which causes them to shrink and shortens the growth phase of your hair, pushing them in the anagen(resting) phase. As a result, the hair that grows out of these follicles is progressively shorter, thinner and hence, with a shorter life span than the last. You might know this entire process by the name of ‘male pattern baldness or ‘Androgenic alopecia’.

Now, this is where a DHT Blocker comes in. The main function of a DHT Blocker is to prevent the shrinkage of follicles by intercepting DHT from binding to the 5-AR receptors. And a good number of researches have proven that plant-based blockers do it best.

Here are some advantages of plant-based DHT Blocker capsules and their ingredients that you should not be unaware of:

Pumpkin seed

The pumpkin seed oil has been in use for treating male pattern baldness for a long time. Owing to the Phytosterols content in it, pumpkin seed extracts are also a key ingredient in most DHT Blockers. Phytosterols act as 5-AR inhibitors and block the production of Dihydrotestosterone from testosterone. This decreases hair fall, and the amino acids called cucurbitacin and vitamin C promote hair strengthening and ensure the overall growth of each strand. 

Stinging nettle

A herb that is native to Europe and Asia, stinging nettle has long been recognized by Ayurveda as an effective treatment for hair loss. Like Pumpkin seeds, nettle too prevents your body from producing the 5-alpha reductase enzyme and thus indirectly stops DHT from affecting the hair follicles in your scalp. Additionally, the abundant presence of hair enriching nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, Folate, Riboflavin, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron make it a power ingredient that will surely fulfil your hair’s nutritional requirements. 

Promotes hair growth

A plant-based DHT Blocker capsule with organic elements also acts as a hair vitamins supplement. Not only does it help combat severe hair fall problems and slow down the balding process, but it also assists your scalp in hair regrowth and its strengthening process. The ingredients provide your follicles with all the necessary nutrients required to ensure a head full of healthy hair. 

Minimal side effects

Other DHT Blockers like minoxidil or finasteride have severe side effects erectile dysfunction, rashes, vomiting, heart palpitations and even congestive heart failure. However, a plant-based DHT Blocker is a carefully balanced blend of time-tested, highly effective herbs, roots, seeds and bark extracts. Studies have proven that if taken in the right amounts as per the prescriptions, you will experience none of these strong side effects while it does its job. 

Before investing in something that is going to substantially affect your body, it is imperative that you gain thorough knowledge about it. We hope this helps you do just that and also further helps you make only the best choice for your hair.

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