Top 10 Barbie Fashion Games for Girls: Play the Fashion!

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls1.1

Barbie is one of the most amazing toys with which most of the girls had played in their childhood. This is one of the most amazing and favourite childhood toys of girls. Most of the Barbie Fashion Games for Girls can be found over the internet that can be downloaded and played over the internet. Here is the list of top 10 Barbie fashion games that can be played by girls.

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls1

It is a web community, where you can make 3D avatars and create your own fashion for free. You can even add the animations to your avatars. Other features include:

  • Your avatar can do dance and animated catwalk too
  • You can create different hairstyles and your own fashion
  • Girls above the age of 12 can play this game and women of all ages can enjoy playing this game

Barbie Goes on Vacation

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls2

Barbie is presently on her vacation and she wants to shop clothes for her. She wants you to give her some advice about the clothes she can wear on her vacation.

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls3

This site is completely about the dressups and you can dress your doll in your own fashion style. You can do plenty of things on this website. Other features include:

  • You can personalize some of the items
  • You can switch between different dressups easily
  • You will be getting two avatars at the time of joining

Barbie Halloween Party

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls4

Barbie had invited her friends to a Halloween party, but hadn’t decided the costume yet. The game is about:

  • You have to dress the Barbie to let her win the dress contest
  • You have to dress her perfectly
  • You can choose your own Barbie from different choices


Barbie Fashion Games for Girls5

Stardoll is one of the best games to create fashion dress ups and celebrity dolls. It is very easy to play and has a good fan following around the world. Other things you can do in this game are:

  • You can save and sell your created products to others by paying a little to Stardoll creators.
  • It is the best place for children of age group 6 to 13 years.

Barbie the Fairy

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls6

The Barbie had been transformed to a fairy and she can change her looks with her magical powers. You can change most of the things like:

  • The color of skin
  • Hairstyle of Barbie
  • The clothes of Barbie

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls7

This is the place for girls just before the pre-teen stage. It is the complete fun for girls. Other features of this site are:

  • You can join the chatting parties
  • You can design your own moves to dance

Barbie and the Prince

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls8

Barbie wants to meet the charming Prince. She wants to look beautiful, so that the Prince falls in love with her. You can select her clothes, jewels, and skin color too.

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls9

This website is created to play doll games for younger girls, which is very similar to Stardoll. You can easily dress your character with lots of accessories and fashion clothes. Other features of this game are:

  • It is easy to use and has nice graphics
  • You can choose the fabric, color, and other stuff for your character
  • There is public and private chat on chatterbox

Barbie Wardrobe

Barbie Fashion Games for Girls10

This game is completely about Barbie. She has to go to beach and has no idea what to wear. Some of the strong points about this game are:

  • You can style your Barbie
  • Your job is to act like her stylist
  • You can drag and drop the wardrobe

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