Benefits of Online Shopping of Clothes: Save Lots of Money

In a recent survey, it was revealed that online shoppers in the US spend about $500 million a year on clothes. The bulk of the money is spent by consumers living in large cities. The fact is that such high-end clothes are available at lower prices in big cities. The reason is that such markets have a large number of sellers and thus they have an advantage over local sellers when it comes to timely delivery.

A survey conducted recently found that almost all the respondents said that they shop online for clothing not just for their personal use but also to make savings. In order to save money, go towards eBay free shopping coupons. A majority of the survey-takers (about 80%) said that they buy clothes every few months, which means they save money in the long run. Furthermore, most of the respondents (about 80%) said that they shop online for special apparel shopping at specific times of the year. For instance, the majority of the respondents (about 80%) said that they shop online for winter clothes during the Christmas season.

So How Do You Make Savings on Your Purchases? 

Respondents suggested a number of different strategies to make savings on their purchases. Most of the respondents (about 80%) recommended avoiding buying clothes at departmental stores, particularly during the holiday season, when there are a number of sales on different brands. Some of them (about three-quarters) indicated that they did not buy from departmental stores during festive seasons because they think departmental stores offer poor quality and cheap clothes.

But departmental stores can be useful to purchase clothes. The reason is that departmental stores provide a large variety of clothes of different brands at cheap rates. They also provide timely delivery to the customers. The other factor that should be considered while doing online questionnaire shopping is product quality.

Save Money by Using Coupons:

Most of the people (about two-thirds) indicated that they save money by using coupons when buying online. They considered coupons as an easy way to save money, especially during the festive seasons when most of the retailers offer heavy discounts on their products. But most of them (about two-thirds) believe that using coupons does not guarantee that they will save money. Some of them (about one-third) thought that it would be very hard to find and use coupons for their next purchase. The remaining fraction (about one-half) indicated that they use coupons properly and save money by using online shopping behaviors and strategies.

Delivery of Time:

While most of the online marketers thought that it would be difficult to provide timely delivery of their products, some marketers suggested that it is a part of the marketing strategy. Online shopping is more convenient than visiting the real stores, they said, so manufacturers of clothes should provide it with the necessary features to keep the buyers coming back to their sites. Apart from that, online marketers said that they are aware that providing timely delivery of clothes can increase the number of repeat customers, which means more money for them. Therefore, they are likely to see an increase in their profit margin once they can offer the product at a competitive price.

Shopping with International and Local Brands:

Another factor that makes online shopping of apparel interesting to many consumers is the opportunity to shop for international brands. An increasing number of consumers do not want to make purchase decisions based on local brand preferences and prefer to buy clothing items that are available in other parts of the world. This will definitely add to the profitability of online shopping of apparel. Moreover, online shoppers are encouraged to compare and contrast the prices of different brands in order to get the best deals. This is also expected to boost the interest of online shoppers in buying durable and fashionable clothes.

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