5 Best Accessories for a Goth Look

The goth style blends fashion trends that reflect the subcultural attributes of goth culture. From movies and music to personal values and beliefs, for many people, dressing in goth attire is a reflection of their style and who they are as a person. Others who are less immersed in the cultural aspects might pursue a goth style to showcase their emotional depth or desire to live unconventionally.

Whatever has inspired you to consider goth attire, we are here for it. Here are the five best accessories for a goth look.

1. Footwear Styles Meant To Shock

Part of gothic attire incorporates mixing styles, accessories, and aspects of clothing that may be perceived as “shocking” to mainstream society. You might see Wicca symbols, t-shirts with “atheist” in bold font, or platform high heels, often angled slightly forward for a dollhouse aesthetic. Inflicting this kind of emotional response is intentional, as the wearer wants those passing by to notice that they support things that may be, in some ways, different from conventional ideals.

2. Layered Necklaces and Chokers

Jewelry is another common way for goth attire to be accessorized. Every jewel worn in goth attire is meant to convey a message or statement, so the more jewelry that is incorporated to describe this point, the better. Dark jewelry like soft wire chokers and layered necklaces are often incorporated into different outfits to complete a given look.

You might also see chain belts, thick belt buckles, and cuff bracelets as common jewelry choices. Goth jewelry has always been gender-neutral, so there are so many options to choose from if you’re not sure where to start.

3. Messenger Bag Buttons

The 90s trend of displaying buttons and pins all over one’s messenger bag is super popular with gothic attire. You can often find cheap buttons in bins for sale at gothic clothing stores. Choose buttons that express your personality and beliefs. You can also consider sewing on patches to your bags as well. Whatever feels right to you, this is all about your self-expression through goth style.

You can find buttons supporting causes, music, movies, and other things that may be important to your lifestyle or belief system; as with the jewelry, the more buttons displayed on your bag, the better. Don’t leave people guessing- tell them who you are, and break fashion barriers unapologetically!

4. Vintage Leather Jackets

Though not specific to goth fashion, vintage leather jackets play a significant role in accessorizing or completing given looks. Leather jackets let everyone know that you are tough and not someone to mess with. They may also indicate certain beliefs if you sew patches on them (another popular way to accessorize!)

Typically, you’ll see black leather as the go-to jacket color. Still, sometimes bold statements in yellows, purples, and oranges are also integrated to cause fashionable disruption in the same way that dollhouse footwear might.

5. Dark Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Go for cat-eye sunglasses to protect the air of mystery you want to preserve in your style. Any dark sunglasses with pointed edges are perfect to complete a gothic look. Depending on how relaxed you are with your style, there are also dark bohemian styles to consider, like Yoko Ono-inspired dark circle sunglasses. Have fun selecting the sunglasses that speak to you and your representation of what it means to dress goth.

The Bottom Line

Accessorizing to support goth styles considers both your styles and the gothic elements that speak to you. Consider the above suggestions as you begin incorporating the accessories that you feel work best with your unique interpretations of the goth style.

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