As you know the higher the intake of proteins is, the less you want to eat and the more pounds you are to lose. That is why today we chose one of the most interesting topics. We found the tastiest shakes with the amount of protein striking high. If you haven’t heard about shakes already, we are pretty sorry for you, as these are the best when you want your unnecessary fat to shed and there is nothing else you actually want to do to make it possible. Here we are to back you up at the least pleasant moment of your life.

Best High Protein Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss

Garden of Life, Raw Organic Protein

The first in our list is literally the perfect shake with probiotics, enzymes and (oh, dear!) 22 grams of protein. What we like about it is the organic nature of the ingredients. It does make us forget about hunger in a very healthy way. Somebody may say that 22 is too much for an average human. We can only answer too much is never harmful. And what is not harmful may turn out to be very effective. How can a product with a completely plant origin, gluten-free, and completely vegan (no soy or dairy ingredients) do you bad? Right, it can’t. The only thing that might get hurt is your wallet. Spending $35 per bottle on amazon isn’t something you do all the time.

Vega Protein

This one is even more expensive; however, you will not find anything artificial here either. What is more, the chocolate taste of this one will make you forget about the high price in a blink of an eye. There is also pretty much of protein here. However, here it equals the daily dose necessary for a human being. As a nice surprise, you will find here some additional nutritious elements and ingredients. Among those are brown rice protein and pea protein, the types you will hardly find in any other shake. These are not the milk or soy ones that will only worsen your chances in the war with the kilos.

Vital Proteins

This is something you want to drink to support your health while training or losing weight. Your hair will thicken, your nails will strengthen and the joints will become even more solid. What we really liked about this amazing dish was its versatility. You can take it in any kind you wish. For example, you want to make a shake – well, mix the powder with any type of milk and have a shake. Suddenly, you realize you don’t want the shake, but some soup. However, you know that the proteins are your must-take in every day. Therefore, you can simply put a spoon of it in the soup and enjoy the results in a couple of months. You can do exactly the same think with a stew, for instance, or any other drink. This way you will the most tasty and nutritious supplement you are to drink.


The last but not the least is an experienced brand that thousands of consumers have already tried and approved. This one is the best for the people who will never drink something non-tasty to shed several pounds. The amount of protein here is even higher than the previous shakes can boast. It is as high as 24 grams. What is more, the taste of this product will definitely come to your taste. It is relatively sweet, but tastes like original chocolate milkshake. You’d love it!


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