Best Men’s Hats Every Guy Should Know

For many men, knowing the right kind of hat to wear can be a challenge. They aren’t sure what will look good on them and may shy away from wearing anything that is not a baseball cap. This can leave them very limited, especially if they have a special occasion that they need to dress up for or would like to wear something other than that baseball cap to the park.

The good news is that there are a lot of different types of hats that can look very good on men. Picking the right one to go with your style and look, and one that looks great with your face and outfit can make all of the difference. Some of the best men’s hats and how you should wear them for men include:

The Fedora Hat

The Fedora was originally named after a French play and was meant for just women. The moderate brim and the customizable style make it a classic for men in no time as well. There are a few reasons why the Fedora hat is a good choice for all men including:

  • These hats look great on any man who has a bigger build because it has a taller crown and the brim is just the right size, without being too big and overwhelming.
  • You can choose different brim sizes on the hat. There are options for moderate and wide-brimmed based on the build and face shape. For example, you want a wider brim if you have a longer or an oval face.
  • You can choose different styles based on the season you are in. A Fedora that has straw in it is going to work the best for summer.
  • You can also change it up a bit to get a cooler look as you wear it around. Rather than just placing it on top of your head, you can tilt it back a bit to get an effortlessly cool look.

The Fedora big hat can look good with a lot of different styles and is a great choice to keep in your wardrobe. Choosing a few different options to wear around the home or when you go out can ensure that you are always covered.

The Panama Hat

The next hat on our list is the Panama Hat. This is not from Panama but was given its famous name when Roosevelt went to the Panama Canal. These hats are light-weight, compared to weaved stray, and are lighter in color most of the time. It provides the good looks and the protection that you are looking for when out in the sun.

There are different reasons why this hat is best for men to wear. Some of the things to consider include:

  • When you check for the quality of this hat, make sure that the straw has been tightly weaved. It should be able to hold onto the water without leaking anything.
  • The classic white Panama hat comes with a black band, but there are a few other options too.
  • This is more of a laid-back hat, so it will look just fine with some linens and loafers.
  • If you are someone with a thinner face, then you will want to wear a narrow hat and those with a bigger face should find a wider version.

Pork Pie Hat

This hat is named thanks to its pork pie resemblance and it is often made out of straw or felt. This hat is going to be quite short compared to some of the other hats and comes with a round crown, flat top, and a flipped-up brim that goes all the diameter of the hat.

If this is the hat that you choose to wear, there are a few things to consider ahead of time. Some of these include:

  • Since this is a hat that is short and round, it is going to cut off an oval face too much. It may be best to choose a different hat if this is the face type that you have.
  • It is a good idea to tilt the hat or wear it a bit further back on the face. Having it straight on will make it look like a costume.
  • Pair this with some slim-cut pieces because it has a compact build.
  • A straw pork pie hat can look great with a slim short-sleeve button-up. You can wear a felt one with a fitted blazer and some tailored chinos.

Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is a classic for a lot of men to wear. This is an item that was originally just worn by baseball places and comes with a round top and a long peak. It often has a button on the top, though there are a lot of different types of baseball caps that you can choose from. You can choose to wear one from your favorite team or have one that is plain.

Some of the things to remember about baseball caps include:

  • Most men will look the best with a plain baseball cap. This may look a bit underwhelming as part of your wardrobe, but it is a secret weapon that you will pull out more often than you originally planned.
  • This cap is going to work in all seasons. Just do not put it on with a formal suit. Outside of that, it can work with a lot of styles.
  • This simple accessory is going to work well with many outfits, though you may want to pick a few neutral colors so you won’t have to think about matching it too much.

Choosing the Right Men’s Hat

Choosing the right men’s hat can take some time and work to accomplish. You want to ensure that you are choosing something that looks nice and you will be able to wear it more than one time. Take a look at some of the options above and see which type of hat is right for you.

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