Best Reasons Why Short girls make Perfect Girlfriend

You can protect her

Short girls appear to be delicate and soft. Thus, you’ll always feel the need to protect her and be the manly guy around her. Besides when you protect her she totally loves it. After all, who doesn’t love the extra attention bestowed on them? It will give you a strange joy when you protect her. You’ll feel like you completely own her. However, don’t underestimate her strength ever. She can be really finicky and defensive sometimes.

Why Short girls make Perfect Girlfriend5

You’ll always feel powerful

When you’re in a relationship with a short girl you’ll automatically feel more powerful in her presence. So, with her it will be fun even fighting for power because you always feel like a winner around her in the struggle of power. And mind you, guys enjoy the feeling of being the dominating ones. However, the spoiler here is, the short ones just appear to be fragile and delicate but when it comes to having her word, she just knows her way.

Why Short girls make Perfect Girlfriend6

They always look younger

Even till their late 20s they look like college going hotties.

  • Short girls are endowed with perpetual youth. Because of their small frame they always look young.
  • Besides, who wouldn’t want to be with a girl who always looks young and flawless?

Why Short girls make Perfect Girlfriend7

Thus, short girls are a perfect mixture of cute and sexy all packed in one. So, guys go out looking for your perfect short girl friend and make the world jealous with your compatibility. In the list above we have provided some of the best reasons why short girls make perfect girlfriends. Hope this post came out as a booster for all you short girls and also a nice ego massage for the handsome hunks.    

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