10 Biggest Spring/Summer Trends Spotted on the NYFW Runways

New York Fashion Week has just wrapped up and it has provided us with a glimpse into the 2020 spring and summer fashions. In men’s and ladies footwear, there was a lot to love. There were also a few clear trends that stole the show. Below are ten of the most significant trends for next spring and summer spotted on the NYFW runways.

Biggest Spring/Summer Trends Spotted on the NYFW Runways

Lace-Up Heels

Many of the models hit the runway in lace-up heels. For example, one pair from Ulla Johnson features a very minimalistic design with the lacing forming almost the entire body of the shoe above the sole.

Colorful Sandals

Another noteworthy trend was bold-colored sandals. Rag & Bone led the way on this including a bright-red pair with a simple shape but an eye-catching combination of color and contrast stitching.

Sporty Sneakers

Of course, the shoes for men also got some love on the runway. Models walked out in sporty sneaker that contrasted the high-fashion of the show with their functional designs. This trend was also mimicked in the street style which saw a lot of athletic shoes chosen for comfort over style.


Several standout shoes featured large platform soles. For example, one pair from Anna Sui contrasted delicate, lace features with thick, white soles. A pair of Kate Spade sandals with platform soles evoked the beach with gold and white striping.

Barely-There Sandals

Minimalism played a big role in much of the show. Many models took to the runway in sandals with barely-there uppers.

Ultra-Minimal Heels

Similarly, the heels themselves on many pairs of shoes were very low-profile. For example, Jason Wu shoes included several pairs with extremely small-footprint heels.

Sky High Wedges

If comfort was a priority for some designers, height was a priority for others. Sky-high wedges made a big return to the New York runways this year.

Futuristic Sneakers

Sneakers have grown dramatically in importance in the past decade and this was reflected by some futuristic pairs. For example, Longchamp showed off some high-top, fabric sneakers that would look at home in a science fiction production.

Ankle Boots

Ankle and low boots were as popular as ever on the runways. For example, Anna Sui showed a green, lace-up pair with a unique, curved heel.

Thick-Strapped Sandals

As with some of the athletic sneakers, thick-strapped sandals made an appearance showing that comfort can be a priority. One pair by Noor was something of a cross between a Birkenstock and a gladiator sandal and looked perfect for summer walking.

Find Your Perfect Shoes

If there is one thing that New York Fashion Week should show us all, it is that there is something for everyone in the world of shoes. This year features everything from comfy sandals to minimalist heels. In many ways, the biggest trend was the divergence and taking key characteristic to their extreme. If you are feeling inspired by NYFW, check out some of the shoes already on sale. Whether you want the latest shoes or a comfortable pair of Naturalizer shoes for women, it is time to treat yourself.

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