Can You Trust Christian Debt Consolidation?

Confused about the differences between a Christian and a regular debt consolidation service? While both businesses have the same function, there are some slight differences between the two. Which one you go with depends on your level of comfort and background. For many, it boils down to the question of can you trust a Christian debt consolidation company?

How Can You Tell If a Debt Consolidation Company is Trustworthy?

Whether a company is Christian or not, there are many that are scams. Christians may be drawn to this type of company because of the scriptural advice, and the comfort level of interacting with a company that holds similar beliefs. However, with that, comes a deeper trust level for the customer. 

Customers expect that a Christian company to behave in an ethical way. After all, the word Christian is referenced indicating a potentially higher standard. 

However, this can be deceiving, as scammers feel people who are religious are better targets because they are more trusting. Furthermore, for a Christian, it is more hurtful to be swindled by a company claiming to be Christian than one that does not.

So, how can you prevent yourself from falling prey to an illegitimate or unethical company?

Do Your Research

Always research any company beforehand. Even though the company may appear to be Christian, it doesn’t mean that you will be treated in an honest, ethical manner. Some companies will take down your information under the “Christian” umbrella and outsource it. 

The result would be the same as if you had gone to a debt management firm that wasn’t biblically-based. Go online and see what type of reviews the organization received. People are usually very vocal about scams and being mistreated. 

Find and Read Review Sites

Best Debt Companies has a list of debt consolidation companies that are both Christian and non-Christian. They provide in-depth details on all debt management firms. It will inform you as to what the company’s accreditations are, as well as associated fees, pros/cons of the firm, and ratings. 

A christian debt consolidation company works in the same manner as a regular debt management service. Both offer advice on how to consolidate debt, what your options are, lowering your payments, and tips on budgeting. However, the difference is that they present it in a bible-based format.

Additionally, you can check with the Better Business Bureau. Even though the company may not be a member, people still post reviews on this site. 

You can then take this information and provide an assessment as to whether you are dealing with a reputable company.

How Can You Tell If It’s a Scam?

There are seven ways you can tell if any debt consolidation company is a scam. They are:

  1. A robocaller contacts you.
  2. They make exaggerated promises. No company can guarantee to pay off/lowering debt, but they can work with you.
  3. They illegally charge upfront fees.
  4. Their contact information is questionable. When you call, you should be able to reach an individual.
  5. They are unwilling to provide anything in writing.
  6. They say they can secretly access government funds. While there are funds, which will cover medical/utility costs, they do not require a fee.
  7. They tell you not to contact creditors.

Can you trust Christian Debt Consolidation? A company that overpromises or who preys on trust should raise a red flag. You should never feel coerced into making a decision. If the company appears to be more interested in your money than you personally, then run.

Look for a company that has a good track record, positive reviews, and who has been in business for quite some time. They should work with you to help with your debt. A good company will give you the skills to manage your finances and set you up for success.

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