Colored Eye Contacts – Factors to Consider Before Buying from a Color Contacts Online Store

Having a different tint of color in your eyes can be a great way to look different every day. It could also be a fun way to correct an eye defect, rather than wearing spectacles. But before you use colored lens, it is wise to consider your safety first, and this will entail using a doctor’s prescription.

Color contact lenses are mostly used as a costume or beauty product. They usually change the color of the cornea and add beauty to your looks. They are also used to correct some eye defects. Whether they are used for fashion or medical purposes, it is advised to order based on a doctor’s prescription.

There are several online stores out there that claim to sell original contacts. But if they do not ask for a doctor’s recommendation, do not bother going for them. Using unsafe and illegal contacts can damage your cornea. If you would like to know about these damages, you can read this article.

Keeping your eyes safe is vital. This is why it is ideal to consider some important factors before you buy the lenses. We would now discuss some of these considerations.

Things to Consider When Buying Color Contact Lenses

Here are some things to keep in mind:

The Health of Your Eyes

Contact lens mostly serves as an eye corrective device. Before you decide to get it, make sure you go for an eye check-up to deduce the health of your eyes. Do you have any refraction problems or visual acuity? A proper examination will address the state of your eyes, making it easier to find contacts that suit you best.

Consider Contraindications

Although this comes with many benefits, it doesn’t suit everyone. If you are prone to eye discharges and some kind of defects, you should not get this lens. Dry eye syndrome and keratoconus might be aggravated when you put on this contact.

Consider Your Lifestyle

How you live your life and what you do can also affect your buying decision. Here are some key things to keep in mind regarding your lifestyle:

Screen Time

You are more surrounded by technology than before. Smartphones and large screens are part of your daily life. It is not a new thing to experience dry eyes when using your phone or watching TV. If you are always having screen time, choose a lens that has high moisture content. This will prevent your cornea from drying out.

Physical Activity

If you are always outdoor, then you will love contacts. Regardless of the type you go for, it can improve your vision and make you look fashionable. Unlike glasses, it doesn’t fall off or get misplaced.

Daily Schedule

If you are always busy and have little time, maintenance can be a hassle. Consider buying a daily disposable option that you can wear in the morning and throw away at night.

Online or Physical Store

Buying your lens from an online store may not be the best buying option. This is because of the dangers associated with fake products. However, online shopping is not bad in itself. It is more accessible and affordable than a physical store. If you decide to go online, ensure that the brand can offer or asks for a doctor’s prescription before selling to you.

Also, check how well they know about contact lenses. Do they have a blog? If they do, what type of topics do they discuss? You want to choose an online shop that is reputable and doesn’t deal with fake products. If you would like to know how to make this choice, check here for expert help.

Reviews from Past Customers

If you decide to go for an online shop, then you need to be sure of its products. The best way to know is to check what old and existing customers have to say about the product. Were there complaints of dangerous reactions like redness or swollen eyelids? If you notice any complaints, ensure to take it seriously. You can check reputable third-party review websites to confirm the credibility of the reviews.

Ease of Maintenance

Another important factor to keep in mind is the ease of maintenance. If you are a busy person, you wouldn’t want to get a lens that requires regular cleaning. However, to prevent complications, it is wise to adhere to a strict maintenance regime. A reputable store will offer different contacts based on their cleaning schedule. If you are always busy, you can get disposable lenses. If not, buy the ones that can last for weeks.

Consider Price

Money is always an important factor to consider but it shouldn’t be the sole reason why you should buy this product. Most disposable lenses are more budget-friendly than extended-use ones. If you are into costume or cosplay, you might decide to go for the extended-use options. This is because you can use it for a long time. However, if you only need the eyewear temporarily, then go for disposable ones.


Buying fancy contact lenses from an online store that doesn’t ask for a prescription is not a very good idea. These lenses are not medically graded and they can damage your cornea, leading to serious eye complications. There are several reputable stores that offer this eye color-changing/ enhancement product with a prescription. Make sure you carry out the necessary online research about them before making any choice.

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