42 Cool Rose Tattoo Designs for your Next Ink

Oh yes life is ironic. It is The Most Sad truth of life. But you know why you find your parents important for you? It’s because you had witnessed the life of at least one orphan. You know why you find these flowers so cheerful and beautiful? Just because you have also understood all the negatives they have. Just like the roses! They do have the thorns but what makes us fall with them instantly is its beauty and fragrances that wins the soul with merely the view of it. Well then your plan to make everyone go “Hawww” will need these Cool Rose Tattoo Designs for you next ink for sure?

Cool Rose Tattoo Designs

A tattoo is just not a tattoo since there is thousands of perspective defining your personality. This makes it necessary every tissue of your brain to understand its meaning and your heart to love the idea that relates to you in best manner. The evident and obvious meaning is, undoubtedly the beauty and love that a rose could ever denote.

But then, there are some other things as well that people believe and could be judgmental at times. Like; the numerology! You won’t believe but there are human beings on earth who ask their tattoo master to ink a certain number of petals only. They may have some emotional attachment with that number or there may be some secret numerology facts hidden with this rose tattoo. Likewise, color and shape and several other elements are there that stand as the solid reasons for changing symbolism of the Cool Rose Tattoo Designs.

There were these Aphrodite from the Greek depicted with the rose prettifying the head and feet. For them; a rose symbolizes the eternal and memorable love. While the tarots find the roses signifying the balance of love and life. And why not? Rose also finds its balance with all the charm and beauty of the world on one hand. While, on the other hand, it also bears the thorns that symbolize the loss and repulsion. And these very ancient facts that are directly rooted up since the term “history” was born still tells a lot about your personality when you get these Cool Rose Tattoo Designs.

Not only the interesting facts about numerology and the historical myths make these Cool Rose Tattoo Designs distinct with the others and represent a lot about your eccentricity and character traits, but also the color adds up a lot to the description of your facade.

  • Yellow rose is for cherishing the joy and mature love. Though, the symbolism of a yellow rose is a bit different. When a boy gives you yellow rose; don’t take it for love for he is putting step forward for friendship.
  • If you are a secret admirer and solely believe in spirituality and peace; then white maybe your color.
  • Memorable evil and sad past is represented by inking a Cool Rose Tattoo Designs in black ink. Kick off this bad stuff, girls and get this black rose tattoo for black is and always will be CLASSY!
  • Red and it is for love! And so does pink! So feminine it is, isn’t it? Pink is for that young love and innocence. Red is elder sister of pink when it comes to love for it symbolizes the full grown romantic love and emotions.

Kick the complex geometry and the tribal and the Celtic in the curb. Not all the tough pieces of artwork are for ladies who compliment the stylizing sexy things more.

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