Corporate Wear and School Uniforms – Why They Are Important

Marketing is all around us. From the ads that you see on television to newspapers and magazines, you can really see it in action. Companies are usually subtle about it, but sometimes they really need to lambaste you with all of the information about how great their product or service is. As a company, it is important to use this tool effectively for you to have more customers. Treat marketing like fire: use it well and it will reward you. Play with it, and you will be in smolders by the end of the day. You need to be responsible for any kind of strategy that you will use for your success.

However, marketing and advertisement are not just contained in those pieces of papers and videos. It can also be found in every “mediocre” item in your company. It may be mugs, pens and other giveaways that have your company logo. Even though these might be small items, it can reflect how your company handles the little things. It is important to have quality in them so that the customers receiving would remember you and what you had given. People are proven to keep these items and they also use it.

On the other hand, nothing would be more representative of your company if you have a uniform. Now if you are thinking that this is so lame, then you might have a point. After all, it looks so weird that all of your employees are wearing the same right? There are even some schools and companies that have given up on the concept of a uniform altogether. Most of them point out that it is quite constrictive so you don’t want to wear it. However, there are so many advantages of wearing a uniform and here are some of them:

Corporate Wear and School Uniforms


One of the most common reasons why a uniform is really needed is because of identification. A company needs to know who its own employees are so that they can make sure that everyone around their vicinity should be there. It is an easy way to pinpoint that all people in the area are in the same company. IDs are also usually given but that is a part of the uniform. If you don’t have it, it can be a violation of most companies’ rules as only the people who have IDs can access certain areas. This is to make sure that everything inside the building or office is well accounted for.


Another way that a uniform is useful is when it is used when outside the company premises. If you are going out, the people around you would know that you are working for that company. You are under the protection because you are wearing the uniform. If anything happens to you, your employer can be notified immediately and your loved ones at the same time. This would also prove that you are out of the office because of a company related tasks. It would be useful if you are going to file for leave or as a defense if anything happens to you or to your responsibilities.


Yes, it is actually more practical to have a uniform than to wear whatever you want. Most companies would have a casual day or dress-down day every week to balance their employee’s choices. Now, if you have a uniform for a usual 5 working days, you only need to think about your outfit for one day. Think about it: if you are wearing casual every day, you might run out of something to wear. There is nothing wrong with wearing the same shirt or dress every time but that gets tiring as well. You are already stressed with your work: why even add your fashion troubles? Just wear a uniform and you are set for your day.

Branding & Symbolism

Now, we go back to marketing. Most uniforms will have their company logo emblazoned somewhere that should easily be noticed by anyone. The employee is a part of the branding of the company. Anything that employee will do is a representation of what the company serves and believes in. The uniform becomes a part of the company’s image so it is important to have one for your employees. These can be used as an extra boost to your marketing strategies as making your employees visible opens up other opportunities.

However, it is also important that the design of your uniform should reflect your company’s mission, vision and core values. If it doesn’t, then why have the uniform in the first place? It is not just about marketing; it is also how you would present yourselves to other people like investors and customers. Once they see your uniform, they would think: “Hey, they’re from that company?” Then they would like to unconsciously connect the dots inside their head which will form the image of your company according to them.

A uniform should also be comfortable for the people who are going to wear it. It must be easy to wear too unless it is a part of the job. Most working spaces these days do have simpler uniforms like solid colored collared shirts with a simple logo usually on the left or right breast. This is a more minimalistic approach but it can really work with your employees. It is easy to wash as well, so you don’t have to separate it from your other clothing during laundry time. Able Cresting is one of those companies that make uniforms as well as advertising tools.

There might be some advantages when you go casual to work. It can mean that you have a lot of freedom with what to wear. You can style and strut all you want as you go to your workspace and do all of your responsibilities. However, having a uniform makes you more cohesive with your other employees. It is a great tool to help you identify with your company’s goals because you are wearing a symbol of their corporate identity.

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