Crucial Tips to Follow Before Buying Water Bubblers Pipes

Bubblers are becoming more and more popular in today’s society. They’re great for the casual smoker to the daily dabber, with their smooth hits and pure taste of smoke.

The water in the bubbler helps filter out some of the “impurities” that you’d get from vaporizing dry herbs without taking away important flavor. 

If you want information on what tips to follow before buying water bubblers pipes and how to navigate the overwhelming amount of options out there, here is what you need.

Check the Height of the Bubbler

Height is the first thing you should consider when buying a bubbler

If you are tall, then using a tall one makes sense. You can quickly pass around a tall bubbler between people who aren’t as tall without them having to hunch down or stretch their neck awkwardly. 

Taller bubblers also create longer hits that allow for more cooling and further filtration of the smoke. If you’re shorter, a smaller bubbler may be more comfortable using and carrying around.

Assess the Size of the Pipe

The pipe diameter is critical because this helps determine how much water can fit inside and how long your hits will last. Although some people like to take large rips from their bubbler, generally, a thin pipe packs more punch and will provide the user with a better overall experience. 

The size also determines how much smoke can fill the tube when used. A thin bubbler provides smoother hits because less smoke is trapped inside while you’re inhaling, giving you a more pungent taste of what you’re smoking without it being overwhelming.

Choose Your Pipe Type

Knowing how it works helps determine what you want from your bubbler pipe. If you plan on using it to smoke with friends, then perhaps a larger pipe with a giant bowl would be ideal for sharing. 

These types are also great for 1–2 people who don’t mind passing the bubbler back and forth between them while they take hits, don’t require a constant water source, or who want to tune out and relax while smoking. 

If you’re looking for water bubblers pipes that will fit in your pocket and be easy to use on the go, then a smaller bubbler with a smaller downstem/bowl is best. Smaller bubblers typically have a smoother draw and pack an excellent punch for one person.

Learn How to Use the Pipe

There are several ways to use your bubbler, depending on the type of water pipe you choose to purchase. 

Some options include having an attached bowl so you can heat the material directly over the flame, submerge in water before inhaling, and using a dome and nail set up for when you want to vape concentrates. 

The type of bubbler you will need depends on how you’ll use it. Also, it can be an excellent investment for any smoker looking to upgrade their smoking experience, but the overall size, shape, and style should all add up to what works best for you.

Get to Know Your Material

Like any other pipe or smoking apparatus, there are several materials to make bubblers. The most common types of glass used for bubbling are borosilicate and soft glass. 

Most bubblers come in one of these two options because they’re both durable and heat-resistant. Other materials for bubblers include ceramic and even plastic.

Ceramic bubblers are great if you’re looking for a heavy-duty piece that will withstand a large amount of use without breaking or cracking. Ceramic is a very dense material that does not hold onto intense flavors or odors. You can wash them with warm soapy water and never have to worry about your pipe developing a “plastic taste” or getting stained from use.

Final Thoughts

Some bubblers are made of plastic and are available at a low price. Although inexpensive, these often break after only a few uses and do not provide the high-quality smoking experience a more expensive glass bubbler can offer.

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