Do Baths Really Surpass Showers?

Residents of economically efficient societies have adapted to their fast-paced lifestyles, and often take showers rather than baths in the interest of time. In order to save space and resources, most university dormitories only have showers installed in their bathrooms, instead of baths. In fact, many individuals indulge in baths only occasionally as a form of a relaxing treat to themselves.

Environmentally-conscious individuals tend to opt for showers as showers utilize less water. Despite the time constraints in today’s society, there is still a growing trend of people installing bathtubs in their homes. If you are wondering why they would opt for baths considering their busy schedules, read on to find out more. Regardless of which you choose, head over to victoria plum for a range of affordable fittings!

Benefits of having a Bathtub

A bathtub adds value to the bathroom’s element of luxury, which a shower fails to deliver. Even if you are unable to soak in the bathtub on a daily basis, the tub can still be used during the weekends when there is more free time to take a break and loosen up, in preparation for the new week ahead.

Taking a bath before bedtime improves sleep quality. Baths can calm the mind as the warm bath water increases blood flow throughout one’s body and soothes muscle tension. Being able to unwind after a stressful weekday will bring greater peace of mind to individuals. Thus, their calm state of mind will allow them to fall asleep quickly later on. In addition, one could add a few drops of lavender essential oils into the bathtub to promote further relaxation as the scent of lavender is known to be soothing. Furthermore, if you have children, a bathtub can aid during their daily bath sessions. This would allow the bathtub usage to be maximized.

How do showers compare?

With technological advancements, there are tower showers with Bluetooth functions available in the market today. Users claim that those showers give off a similar sense of luxury as they would be able to listen to their favourite music while in the shower. Although some have mentioned that luxury showers bring them a truly relaxing experience, critics posit that nothing beats a nice and warm bath at the end of a long workday. It would make sense to pick showers or baths according to one’s lifestyle preferences as it could be difficult to relax in the bathtub while constantly being worried about being unproductive while bathing in the tub.

Do take some time to think about the practicality of having a tub before making your purchase. Certain bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side. Hence, it would not be viable to place a free-standing bath that would take up lots of space. Furthermore, it would be unrealistic to get a bath and not have any time to use it at all.

Taking your bathroom style into consideration

It would be a good idea to ponder about the bathroom styles which suit your home better. If your home is located among the evergreen woods, it would be more feasible to opt for wood-themed wall cabinets or toilet seats, or traditionally styled fittings, as opposed to a modern one. This could be more appealing for potential buyers in the future, as you certainly do not want to put them off nor reduce your home value. As such, it would be effective to consider the style and aesthetics of your bathroom which could raise or decrease your home value in the long run.

Slipper baths and freestanding baths are gaining in popularity these days. These types of bathtubs enhance the beauty of modern themed bathrooms. Modern shower trends include wall-mounted, sleek faucets which give off a minimalist look.

On the other hand, do consider the implications on your home value before replacing your bathtub or shower.

Baths and showers can co-exist

The good news is that you do not have to pick a side as certain baths, for instance, the L shaped shower bath is able to be used as both a shower and a bath. The unit’s unique design is recommended for smaller or narrower bathrooms as it is sleek and saves space. It features an enlarged area for showering, and it is incorporated in a tub which can be used when time permits. As every bathroom is different, users are required to provide measurements before purchasing the L shaped shower bath. If the commercial shower baths are unsuitable for your bathroom, certain companies are willing to build a custom shower bath especially for you. Additionally, the L shaped shower bath consists of tub panels, incorporated drainage ports, and a baseboard to rest your legs during your bath.


The question persists: Should one install a shower or a bath? The simple answer is that it boils down to which option is better suited for one’s personal needs. For individuals who would treasure about an hour of relaxation after a long day at work, or have children in their household, a bath installation would be ideal. Whereas for workaholics who are constantly on the go, and are unable to picture themselves soaking in a tub, showers are a great option. Not forgetting the presence of L shaped shower baths which encompass the best of both worlds — showers and baths. The L shaped shower bath would be ideal for bathrooms of smaller sizes and gives its users the choice of a shower or a bath depending on how hectic their schedules are. Besides, the shower bath features a tub panel that reduces the number of splashes made in the bathroom, which equates to less clean up required. Overall, the preference between baths or showers is entirely up to each individual to decide as each feature has its advantages and disadvantages, and is able to provide an optimal level of relaxation. Hence, one should make their decisions based on their bathroom’s feasibility as well as personal preference.

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