Easy Clean-up Tips After Hosting an Event

Hosting successful events hinges partly on making your guests feel comfortable. Most gatherings and functions involve food, drink, and entertainment. After your event is over, you will have to account for a lot of clean-up.

Following a few easy tips will help you minimize the time and effort you’ll devote to removing trash and messes.

Plan Your Clean-Up

If you know how many guests you’re expecting, you should be able to estimate the amount of clean-up you’ll have to do. Make sure you have enough supplies to cover your clean-up needs.

Furthermore, assigning clean-up tasks ahead of time will mean you and the other hosts are ready to start picking up as soon as the last guest leaves. The more planning you do, the faster you can return the event space to its previous state.

Get Guests to Do Their Part

Your guests are at the event to be educated, entertained or both. While some of your guests will be responsible and pick up after themselves, others might not be as tidy.

Placing multiple trash bins throughout the event space with signs that bring attention to the receptacles is excellent to encourage guests to do their part. If you want to incentivize guests to participate in the clean-up effort, you can try offering a reward or benefit to those that help out.

Arrange for Appropriate Waste Removal

Most venues have waste removal services. For example, suppose you plan to have a significant event that will challenge the venue’s waste removal capacity and arrange for additional measures. Speak to local authorities, hire a private waste removal service or arrange for your fellow organizers to chip in and help.

Put Someone in Charge of Clean-up

Leaving clean-up to your staff can devolve into a decentralized, chaotic mess with people not knowing which tasks they should take on. This can lead to impartial clean-up or wasted time discussing who should be doing what.

By designating someone in charge of clean-up, the effort will be coordinated and efficient. The person in charge should be responsible for assigning tasks and resolving any unexpected clean-up issues.

Use Disposable Plates

Using disposable plates can significantly reduce the necessary clean-up effort while adding a unique style element, depending on your plate selection. For example, companies like Smarty Had a Party offer a wide selection of disposable party plates to fit your needs.

As per the event, experts at Smarty Had a Party:

The premium plastic construction of our fancy disposable plates is the foundation of your ideal table setting. From the cutlery to disposable wine glasses to serving bowls for parties, none look their best without a proper plate to match. Enhance your dishes and overall event with our help to make hosting a pleasure.

Boost Your Even Clean-up Game

Clean-up is the most tedious part of hosting an event. However, taking a few simple steps can keep clean-up hassle-free and efficient.

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