10 Easy Gifts for Dads this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s that time again to celebrate the man of the hour! Showing your dad all of the love and appreciation you feel for him can be difficult to translate into a simple gift, but the key to figuring out the best Father’s Day gift is to keep two key things in mind. One: the things he’s passionate about. Two: the things that have sentimental value to him.

In a perfect world where shopping for dads is easy, finding a gift that embodies both characteristics would be uncomplicated. However, under pressure with Father’s Day fast approaching, finding a gift that airs more on one side or the other is completely acceptable. Just remember the end goal: to make him smile.

Use these easy gift ideas for Father’s Day to earn a genuine smile and turn stressful shopping into smooth sailing. For additional inspiration, Stephen David Leonard has a great selection of gifts for dads of all types.

Easy Gifts for Dads

A custom-made insulated water bottle

The outdoorsy dad who’s always on the go needs a nifty companion who always quenches his thirst (sorry mom!). A custom-made water bottle capable of keeping liquids hot or cold for hours on end will be the first thing he reaches for every time he sets off for the next big hike.

An engraved watch

If your dad is any sort of watch wearer or collector, a specialized watch with his last name or initials engraved makes for an excellent addition to his collection. Having a hard time picking out stylish watches for dad that you can guarantee he’ll love? Take a peek through his current collection to get a feel for his taste and preferences.

A steak dinner

Sure, it may not be something you can neatly wrap up and put a bow on, but any meat-loving dad will appreciate an all-expenses paid trip to his favorite steakhouse. Nothing says I love and appreciate you quite like a juicy, medium-rare steak can!

A grooming kit

Maybe you’ve always admired your dad’s effortless ability to grow a full beard, or maybe you need to drop a little hint that he could use some sprucing up. Either way, a grooming kit is an excellent gift idea for the manly (and hairy) dad on your gift list.

A money clip

Looking for an understated, elegant gift that speaks to your dad’s love of simplicity? A fancy money clip allows him to keep a secure hold of his cards and cash without the clunk of a wallet.

An expressive mug

You know your dad well enough to know that he needs his morning cup of joe in order to tackle the day ahead of him. A cheesy “World’s Greatest Dad” mug will resonate with a fact that he’s known all along. A custom photo-collage mug could bring him to tears if you pick your moments well!

A drone

Is your dad overdue for a new weekend toy to keep him entertained as the burgers are grilling? For the man who claims to already have everything he needs, a drone will be the breath of fresh air he never knew he needed. Be sure he has a compatible device that lets him fly high and get those sweet aerial views right from the palms of his hands.

A leather weekender bag

For all of the years he spent taking care of you, your dad deserves plenty of vacation days. Give him an excuse to retire that ratty old suitcase by suiting him up with a modern leather weekender bag. He’ll be able to travel in style and fit all of his weekend trip necessities in tow.

Noise-canceling headphones

Whether he wants to cozy up to his favorite jazz playlist or zone into the latest podcast you told him about, a pair of noise-canceling headphones are a great gift for the dad looking for quick escapes from reality. Perfect for the house, the office, or while traveling, these high-tech earphones won’t leave his side.

A hammock

If your dad is more of a “sit back and relax” type of guy, gifting him a portable hammock will tap into his passions. The more portable the hammock, the better! He can take it mountainside or post up in the backyard— wherever his heart takes him!

With these easy Father’s Day gifts, you’ll be well on your way to earning one of those big hugs you’ve loved ever since you were a child. Don’t forget to tell him “I love you!”

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