The 3 Essentials To Work As A Digital Nomad Out Of A Van

There is little reason to continue to work in an office these days. Many people are working remotely now and have given up the commute. Some have decided that they don’t need a home any longer and are working out of a van or camper and traveling the country. It may sound like camping, but it’s a way to live an untethered life and accumulate experiences.

If this sounds attractive, you need to understand a few basic requirements to get started. There are some essentials at play to be able to set yourself up to be able to live this lifestyle for as long as you like. In this article, we will go over some of those basics so you can set up your van life right away.

1 – Have a power source

You will likely be mainly staying in campgrounds that have access to an electrical supply most of the time on the road. However, there will be times when you are essentially off the grid. In fact, there are many people who prefer to not stay in campgrounds for economic reasons and to have more freedom. To pull that off you will need to have a power source.

The most logical thing to have is a portable solar panel system with batteries. This can power most of what you have for electronics when you have stopped for the night or longer. Since your energy demand is likely to be low then you don’t need anything too big.

However, keep in mind that sometimes the sun doesn’t shine and you may not be able to get enough power with your solar system. In this case, you should always carry a portable generator to get through those times.

2 – Find the right job

Being able to live this lifestyle full time will only be possible when you have a steady income from remote work. You can find a job that allows you to work remotely and have a regular salary, build an online business that you can run from the road, or freelance and find good-paying clients.

It all depends on what you’re most capable of. No matter what you plan to do for money it is important to be well established with an income before you hit the road. Make sure to be working remotely for at least a year with some stability and then you can hit the road.

3 – Create a network

Living out of a van can be very lonely. Even though you are enjoying a lot of new experiences, it is difficult to make lasting friendships. This is why it’s important to find others who are also living the van life and going through the same things you are. Look for some online communities where you can interact with others. You may even be able to meet them in person when you end up in the same location. In fact, you could plan your destination based on w

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