Exclusive Dubai: From Fashion to Cars

Everyone knows that Dubai is a center of luxury and technology. We say Dubai and immediately imagine expensive hotels and luxury cars for rent, incredibly beautiful places and professional hospitals, an international film and literature festival, as well as international music and short film festivals, and so on. We also know Dubai as a pestilence shopping hub. Let’s look at what clothes are in demand because Dubai is a Muslim country. To answer this question, let’s first look at traditional clothing and then turn to clothing from famous brands.

Conventional clothing

Everyone also knows that Dubai is a Muslim state where local clothing standards are also adopted. It is divided into male and female.

For men:

  • Kandura looks like a long shirt and is worn over other clothes and is somewhat reminiscent of a robe;
  • Gutra or (Keffiyeh) – also many men wear a traditional headscarf;
  • Igal is a black headband designed for attaching Gutra to the head;
  • Sanduki or Belaja local shoes are usually made of leather.

For women:

  • The Abayya is worn over regular clothing and covers almost the entire body, dressed like a black dress with long sleeves;
  • Sheila is a head covering, mostly worn in black;
  • The Niqab covers the entire face, leaving only slits for the eyes.

Many people adhere to their traditions in clothing. Moreover, it is adapted to the climate of Dubai. Especially if you want to go on a short trip through the desert, you can order a Dune buggy Dubai for this trip. Rental companies in Dubai will not only provide you with an excellent fleet of luxury vehicles for rent but also tailor the means of transportation to your precise preferences. Whether you’re exploring the city’s stunning architectural marvels or embarking on an adventure like a thrilling buggy tour in Dubai’s vast deserts, these companies offer a diverse range of vehicles for rent in Dubai. You can rent a car in Dubai that perfectly suits your needs, whether it’s for a leisurely city cruise, a family vacation, or an exhilarating desert expedition. The options are abundant and adaptable, ensuring that your Dubai experience is not just comfortable but truly unforgettable.

Modern Garments and Arab Fashion Week

Since Dubai is one of the world’s tourist destinations European fashion trends are also present there. Moreover, an international fashion show known as Dubai Fashion Week or Arab Fashion Week is held annually in Dubai where famous world brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Iris Van Herpen, Moschino, Bouguessa, Amato, The Giving Movement, and hype take part. To get to Dubai Fashion Week you can also hourly rent a car with the help of Renty because Renty provides the best service for car rent in Dubai.

The Dubai Fashion Show occurs four times a year every October and March for women’s wear and every January and June for men’s wear. By the way, the first fashion week was held at the end of 2018 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now this event takes place annually in Dubai and is registered in the calendar along with such countries as New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Local designers

By organizing such fashion shows, the government also attracted local designers. For example, Safiya Abdallah has been designing in Dubai for about three years. Along with being the creative director for Dulce by Safiya, she is also a companion and designer at Lohan by Lindsay Lohan, a contemporary clothing line designed by the actress. Also, Latifa Al Gurg created her own brand Twisted Roots. Natasha Variava created the “Natasha V” brand and collaborates with Stella McCartney and Versace as well as with Bollywood stars. Leenah Almansoury originated in Sudan. She creates clothing from traditional Sudanese fabrics. And this is only a small number of designers, and today designers are developing at an extraordinary speed, creating not just their brands, but also collaborating with already famous world designers.


Along with the fact that Dubai is one of the world’s countries for the concentration of tourists and world festivals, it has also become the center of world fashion. In turn, the government continues to develop and encourage young designers, so a lot of them have appeared there recently. This is probably why Dubai combines traditions and modern creative approaches to creating new clothing brands.

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