7 Facial Exercises to Get High Cheekbones Naturally

Your facial muscles remain interconnected underneath the skin. And that is why for an enhancement of the cheekbones, you don’t just need exercises that involve the cheeks. Using muscles of the face in any combination could make your cheekbones look raised. But for that, you need to know which exercises target the cheekbones. If you find high cheekbones sexy and you want them at any cost, then try out the below mentioned Facial Exercises to Get High Cheekbones Naturally. Facial exercises stimulate blood flow in the face, prevent sagging of the skin and tone down your facial muscles. As a result, you get a fat-less face with raised cheekbones. So, what makes you wait? Check out the mini exercises here and reap great benefits-

Facial Exercises to Get High Cheekbones Naturally

Exercise with your lips-

With this exercise, you don’t just get toned cheek muscles but also a smooth skin. So, what you need to do is protrude your lips out, so that the lips look rounded. Keep stretching the mouth outward and when you can’t go anymore, try to smile as hard as you can. Pause in the smiling position for a second or two and then return to the pursed lips. Do ten repetitions.

Exercise with your mouth-

Sit straight, with your mouth closed softly. Make a pout out of your lips. Hold the puckered position of your lips for 10 seconds and relax. Place your hands on your cheeks to feel the pull the muscles get. Do ten repetitions of this too.

Exercise with your cheeks-

This exercise will help you get high cheekbones by saving your cheeks from sagging. Keep your mouth closed, and smile in a tight manner. Pull your checks towards your teeth by sucking the air in. Hold the pose for 10 seconds and relax. Do ten repetitions of this exercise.

Exercise with your smile-

Out of all the Facial Exercises to Get High Cheek Bones Naturally, this one is probably the most amusing.

This exercise helps your cheeks look firmer and younger. Smile hard, but keep the mouth shut and corners of the lips tightened. Now, wrinkle your nose. This should make your cheek muscles go up. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and then relax. Do ten repetitions of this. one thing that you need to make sure when you do this exercise is that there is a mirror in front so that you know you are doing this right.

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Put your cheekbones to work-

Although there are many Facial Exercises to Get High Cheek Bones Naturally, this is probably most specifically targeted to your cheekbones.

For this, look up at the ceiling. Now, place your three center fingers on the cheeks and put pressure, then smile against the pressure of your hands. This increases the blood flow in your face, resulting in toned cheeks that will make your cheekbones raised.

The popular X and O-

Create an O with your lips. Hold this position for some seconds, and then try pronouncing the word X in such a manner that your lips assume a smiling position. Do this around ten times.

The air game-

Purse your lips. Now, fill your mouth with air. Now, move the air from one side of your mouth to another. Repeat this ten times and relax.

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Aren’t these Facial Exercises to Get High Cheekbones Naturally extremely amusing? Yes! Besides, they are so effective you will curse yourself to have not known them so far. But now that you know, try these exercises and get those enviably raised cheekbones resembling your favorite celebs.

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