Fashion Trends Amongst College Students

Nowadays, most college students are fashion-obsessed.  By simply sharing a quick snap of a concrete fashion item, students engage in and share fashion trends at the speed of light.

Instagram is the number one platform when it comes to fashion enthusiasts. The app basically destroyed the fashion magazine and spawned about half a million active global influencers situated somewhere between an acquaintance and a legitimate star.  So we dug deep into the dazzling, color-coordinated feeds to bring you insider knowledge on today’s fashion trends among college students.

Thrift Store Finds & Designer Bags

Many college students cannot afford designer clothes. In order to maintain the perfect ratio between accessibility and luxury, students have embraced a new aesthetic, combining high-end fashion with affordable, secondhand pieces.

Today, it has become easier to attract appreciators of your unique style. So don’t worry if you’re short on funds due to important college needs such as tuition or professional online research paper assistance. Set aside a minor budget to shop for inexpensive vintage items, which have emerged as one of the hottest fashion trends for 2022.


We’ve entered the era of forest fires, incessantly melting icebergs and global pandemics. Fast fashion is one of the main contributors to the devastation of our environment. Each year, the average person discards 65 pounds of clothing. Most clothes in one’s possession are never worn; they sit in the closet for years only to be discarded in the end.

It is good news though that some responsible influencers have taken a step towards possible salvation: promoting sustainability. Many students have begun to promote mindful shopping, which includes, among other things, respecting the lifecycle of each product by reselling rather than discarding it.

Advocating sustainable fashion has been the hottest trend among college students in the previous year, and will surely increase its pace in 2022.

Animal Print

Even with the rise of faux fur and leather, animal print doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon, real or not. The reason could be Alexa Chung’s everlasting influence, as one of the OG influencers (even before Instagram was a thing), and the countless songs Alex Turner dedicated to her cheetah-print coats.

Animal print is a trend that never truly dies; its popularity rises and falls with each season, but when worn with a sense of style, it never truly goes out of fashion. So, when distributing your college budget to writing service choose TopEssayWriting for boosting your writing skills, be sure to leave some money for monochromatic zebra patterns and sleek tiger stripes!

Formal Look

In 2022, the formal look is threatening to dethrone streetwear as a primary fashion trend among college students. With graphic hoodies and loose T-shirts increasingly mainstream, college students are looking for more formal designs. So, don’t be afraid to incorporate some formality into your everyday look—it may have appeared awkward last year, but it’s becoming increasingly fashionable day by day.

One influencer supporting the trend is Yoni Pai, with an Instagram page with over 104K subscribers. Looking through her feed, it’s not hard to see what her followers can love about her. With a trendy style that combines elegant professionalism with fun quirkiness, it attracts people of all ages.

Wrapping Up

Among college students, in particular, fashion style is a great way to express mood and emphasize individuality. Choose a fashion style that accurately reflects your true self, as this will be the one that best suits you. In today’s social media-driven world, it’s hard to tell what you really like from what everyone else likes. It’s difficult not to be swayed by the opinions of others. So stay alert and listen to your heart—once you’ve discovered your perfect fashion style, nothing will compare to its ability to express your uniqueness!


Carl Hill is a journalist and a blogger. He spent many years as a journalist writing about politics. Now, he covers a wide range of topics as a blogger, from fashion to education to medicine. Carl uses his blogs to combine his extensive research and knowledge in order to assist people in a variety of ways.

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