The Giants' Victor Cruz (80) during practice at their practice facility.  East Rutherford, NY  10/8/13  (Photo by Tim Farrell)

Fashion is something that most of the people are looking for. People often search for the latest trends online and most of the people want to buy the stylish dresses worn by the celebrities. If you are searching for the most fashionable celebrities of the year then here is the list of popular celebrities to check out the latest fashion trends and copy them.

Fashionable celebrities of the Year

Victor Cruz

The Giants' Victor Cruz (80) during practice at their practice facility.  East Rutherford, NY  10/8/13  (Photo by Tim Farrell)

The footballer is the attraction at any function and really very popular in style. Fashion trends he follows are:

  • He loves to wear designer brands
  • He also wear expensive branded watches
  • He also love the street wear

He is the most versatile and stylish athlete of the year. You must follow his styles and fashion trends.

Kristen Stewart

Most Popular Celebrities of the Year (3)

She is on the stylish celebrities list because she is daring and can walk in leather pants, jumpsuits, and other unconventional outfits, even in the red carpet events. She is also known as gowned Goddess. She is popular for her stylish looks and had worn the collections of Balenciaga to Zuhair Murad.

 Nicole Richie

Most Popular Celebrities of the Year (4)

Nicole is always in the talks for her beautiful stylish looks and styles. Trends she follow-

  • She loves to wear the outfit like that of a Bohemian princess
  • Works out with different jewelry styles

She is very versatile to her fashion and has got a splendid beauty and style of dressing.

Andrew Garfield

Spain Film Spiderman

When Andrew is not is red and blue tight fits, he looks one of the most stylish celebrities of the world. Some of the fashion trends he follows are:

  • He love to wear the nicely tailored suits by Tom Ford
  • He also likes to wear the designer gear by Alexander McQueen

The style of Garfield is effortless and he looks splendid in his casual fits.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Most Popular Celebrities of the Year (6)

She is a 41 year old stunning woman with stylish looks that goes with the latest trends. In fact what she wears, become a trend. She has got a sophisticated style and always adds on an edgy punch with her dress. Her spectacular look is admired all over the world. The designer Michael kors do most of the designing for her.

Heidi Klum

Most Popular Celebrities of the Year (7)

She has got the great blonde beauty and stuns every one with her looks and style. The modeling background and the Project Runway experience had given her a good fashion sense. She just cherishes her look by trying different and new styles.

Harry Styles

Most Popular Celebrities of the Year (8)

He had recently won the British Style Award defeating many of the stylish celebrities. He loves to wear different wardrobes like:

  • Modern and classical British style clothes
  • Slim suits, Blazers, and usual jeans that are paired with funky designer T-shirts

He has got something rock and roll with his sophisticated look that attracts the people towards his style.

Deepika Padukone

Most Popular Celebrities of the Year (10)

She is the hottest Indian Diva and actress very popular for her stylish wardrobes and designs she wears. She looks hot in everything she wears. She loves to wear:

  • Pretty Contemporary Saris
  • Leather jackets and draped Skirts
  • Thigh length one pieces

Sarah Jessica Parker

Most Popular Celebrities of the Year (11)

Sarah is the real style icon among the people around the world. She is a risk taker in different fashion trends she uses to follow with her clothing line. She looks pretty and gorgeous in most of her dresses and jewelry.

Ryan Gosling

Most Popular Celebrities of the Year (12)

The actor had gained popularity with his stylish and fashionable looks this year. The style is simple but eye pleasing. He loves so wear:

  • Well-tailored suits
  • Solid heritage clothing
  • Designer boots


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