50 Enjoyable Fourth of July Party Ideas To Try In 2017

PARTY LOVERS! During hot summer days, can you find any better reason to celebrate with family, relatives and close friends than the fourth of July? This year, in 2017 do you want to celebrate the 4th of July with a bang? Are you looking for new ways to pop up your Independence Day party? Today, in this post we provide you some of the best ideas to have a blast with your family and friends this 4th of July.

Usually every year, American people celebrate 4th July with carnivals, parades, barbecues, picnics, fireworks, concerts and much more. But, this year you can show your national spirit and perk up your party mood with these fun and interesting Fourth of July party ideas mentioned below. You’ll notice some of the unique party decoration ideas and adorable ways to dress up for the fourth. Check!

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Patriotic Scavenger Hunt!

Think, plan and create your own American-packaged scavenger hunt. Give clues to your guests to search for mini versions of Independence flags, red and blue goody bags, liberty bell and much more.

Fourth of July Jar!


Take a large oval-shaped jar and fill it up with red, blue and white candies and chocolates. Then, challenge guests to count how many candies are in the bowl. After all, it doesn’t take tons of effort and money to plan an awesome 4th of July party. All it requires is a little creativity!

Ping Pong!

Creating a ping pong table by painting the American flag onto a small piece of plywood seems to be most interesting Fourth of July party ideas. It’s really fun playing a spirited game of Ping-Pong!

Firework Rings!

Why don’t you try making fun firework accessories with the help of your KIDS? It’s simple, you just need to twist together few patriotic-color pipe cleaners and create cute rings.


Fourth of July Party Ideas

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