Going to Hire an Online Wedding Planner – Get Familiar With Essential Things to Ask

Couples tying the knot usually have a heartily wish to make their marriages perfect. If you also have this wish, you should make a proper plan for everything in the wedding. While doing so, you will come across many questions such as what budget to keep, what wedding cards to purchase, which venue to select, what items to include in the menu, and many more. These questions may put a lot of pressure on you, which might not let you celebrate the event. You may get relieved from this stress by hiring a professional online wedding planner.

Nowadays, many couples hire an online wedding planner as it is the best way to relieve stress. When you hire an online wedding planner, you should select the best one with the best possible wedding directory who can carry out all things smoothly and relieve you of the tensions. When you are looking for one, you must ask him or her about a few things cited below.

Essential Things to Ask While hiring an Online Wedding Planner


This is the most important and first thing you should ask for a wedding planner. Generally, planners work in two different ways. Some will charge a one-time fee, whereas some will charge a percent of your total wedding budget. The average cost can vary from 10 to 20 percent of your entire wedding cost. If you have an estimated budget for everything, you can go for the second option. If you discuss the start’s cost, you can avoid the hassle when the wedding is over.

If it seems that the cost of the wedding planner is higher than the estimated budget, you should not hesitate to ask whether he or she can work in your budget or not. He or she will be happy to assist you. He or she can handle the budget in the best way.

Areas in which they can help:

The next thing you must ask about is the areas in which they can help you. A marriage involves various tasks such as selecting a venue, decoration, selecting a cuisine, arrangements for entertainment, buying wedding cards, and so on. Different wedding planners have expertise in different areas. Therefore, it is essential to know what things they can help with. You can also ask how they are going to handle other sites. You should ask them about these and divide the budget accordingly.


When you approach a wedding planner, you should take a look at their past work. Probably, you have attended many marriages and looked at the works of wedding planners. You can narrow down the options according to your observation. You can also get reviews about them from relatives or friends who had hired them before. Besides this, you must look at their portfolio because most of them usually have a diverse portfolio. You can get an idea of their work for different themes and different budgets by observing it. You must also ask them whether they will be present on your wedding day or not. If any wrong thing happens, they should be there to handle these situations.

How you are going to communicate:

You should stay in touch with a professional wedding planner to carry out things properly. If you select one who lives in another city, you must ask how they will communicate with you. He or she can have different communication methods, such as video chat, phone calls, emails, and so on, and you must select the way you are comfortable. If you choose one who lives in the same city, you can ask them how often they can meet.

Well, these are some essential things which you should ask for wedding planners. Asking these things will help you shortlist the best wedding planner.

Wedding Assistant: A Trusty and Functional Wedding Directory

A resource can mean all the difference and outcome in a single event; a wedding directory is a perfect example. By far, one of the most celebrated events in human life is a marriage or wedding. The union of two individuals, binding them in heart and spirit for all of eternity, is an occasion that has been feted, as long as history can recall. In any culture or continent, a wedding is a milestone that never goes to pass without merrymaking. Every reason for a wedding is joyous, finding a life partner or a soul mate, that person that you can grow old with, and sealing that relationship with a ceremony, in a celebration shared with family and friends, is what makes it a festive milestone.

Joyous as the reasons are for having a wedding, actually arranging one might not be as jolly. Over the years, weddings have evolved into complex episodes, influenced mostly by what is popular and promoted by the media. If you are the type who does not look at how others did theirs, you will probably have your ‘own’ take on your wedding. If your take is simple, well hold it right there, because simple doesn’t mean you get away with preparations. That’s unless, of course, your bride’s dream wedding is a quickie in Sin City, officiated by the King of Rock and Roll, in a makeshift chapel.

Simple or elaborate, weddings of today are best arranged concerning a wedding directory. One only needs to admit that living in today’s world will barely give you, or your relatives or friends precious time to scour for event needs and venue preparations. With the ever-accelerating speed of the World Wide Web and daily human life, it is best to take advantage of information and reference currently and readily available. A single wedding directory can give you resources and references for the long list of necessities in executing a wedding celebration.

Why Wedding Assistant’s Wedding Directory?

Our Wedding directories can give references and suggestions for the many aspects of a wedding. The church, chapel or cathedral, the reception venue, caterer, rehearsal dinner, even the bridal gown, and the groom’s tuxedo are all commonly covered by our wedding directory. There’s always more than just one wedding directory for every state, and of course, there are ones that operate throughout the country and can give the one nearest to you. Weddings don’t need to be stressful and clamorous. Get in touch with us today to enjoy

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