10 Awesome House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget

Buying a new house is a pleasure that can’t be expressed in words. And when this longstanding dream of yours turns into reality, you probably wish to do everything to make the experience feel more special. The first way you try to express this joy is by inviting your friends and family over who come, congratulate you and share your newfound joy. But having invested in a property recently, you are probably short of funds. So, throwing a lavish party is not just impossible but also unnecessary. So, what you can do instead is arrange for a cordial yet economic house warming party without making it look too ‘down-market.’ How? We tell you here. Just read on-

House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget

Play the welcome card!

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Don’t have the funds to throw a lavish outdoor party with an attendant at the gate to welcome everyone? Well, no worries! Organize the party indoor and keep the main door open, it will not just look welcoming but also help you save a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent hiring a doorkeeper.

Have the menu on display

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So, you have spent a limited budget on the food, and of course, there isn’t a long menu to tempt the guests. You also don’t want your guests to be anticipating great food only in vain. The solution? Put the menu on display.

Paint chip garlands

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This is one of those amazing House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget, you can’t stop praising. Decorate your home with long paint chip garlands. They look colorful besides making the party space appear lively.Say thanks to anyone with some easy thanksgiving craft ideas for adult to try.


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Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your party. Keep a diary on the table or small bits of papers glued to the wall for your guests to leave remarks on. You will not just get special notes from your guests; they will also love to leave their feedback.

Arrange for Games and Contests

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Yes, House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget like these, always work. If you don’t have special arrangements to engage your kids, this will act as a great source of entertainment.

Mind your invitation cards!

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An invitation is an invitation and you don’t necessarily need a card printing professionally for the purpose. Design some amazing cards or download free samples, write a creative invitation note on the design and e-mail it to the people you wish to invite. This is one of the most clever House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget.

Save a few bucks on the food

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Food is an essential part of any housewarming party. But hiring a cook can get expensive. Do the cooking yourself. If you are not a culinary expert, browse through the Internet. There is no dearth of recipes online.Check some wedding card designs.

Skip renting additional seating

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You ask how? Simply by throwing an open house party.

Find unique ways to impress

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So, you haven’t spent a lot on the food, neither have you splurged on the decoration. Are you going to upset your guests? Well, not at all, if you know how to impress them. Hand over a hand-written note to each of the guests before they leave, it will show you care. You can also prepare some easy DIY gifts for your guests as a return gift. These things will certainly make them overlook the flaws.

Avoid balloons!

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A lot of people use balloons for decoration. But aren’t they short-lived? Then, why waste money on something you can’t keep till you throw your next party. Instead, invest in lights and other paper décor items that last for a long time. Isn’t this one of those unusual House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget you always wished you knew?

With these and many other economic ideas, you sure will throw a memorable housewarming party without breaking the bank.

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