How Children in Sanford NC Are Benefiting From Pediatric Physical Therapy

Children may sometimes need some assistance in their development with regular physical therapy. Physical therapy for pediatrics may focus on rehabilitating children after an injury, or it may be used as developmental therapy for kids with delays.

Children can benefit from specific strategies in physical therapy. Find out some of the ways children in Sanford, NC, are thriving with physical therapy treatment.

Helping Kids With Motor Skills

A top benefit of pediatric physical therapy is to provide assistance to children and their motor skills. Physical therapy may help with developmental delays in various motor skills. Therapists can focus on gross or fine motor skills to assist children in reaching developmental milestones. This can include therapies to improve walking, running, throwing a ball, riding a bike, etc. Therapists design movement activities to support reaching gross and fine motor milestones, such as stretching, gait training, and fun exercises.

Boosting Mobility

Another benefit of Sanford physical therapy is giving kids a boost in their range of motion or mobility. Young children with delays in walking or running may fall further behind on the milestone schedule without intervention. Therapists can provide support with walking and running to help children make progress. They start by evaluating a child’s physical mobility and then make a plan to improve the range of motion.

Reducing Pain

If a pediatric patient seeks physical therapy due to injury, reducing or eliminating pain is the most likely goal of treatment. Pediatric therapists can assess a child’s range of motion after injury and help them progress without increasing their discomfort.

Increasing Strength

As children grow, their muscle tone should progress and strengthen. Children with developmental delays often struggle with low muscle tone and poor strength. Pediatric therapists can incorporate strength-building exercises into treatment to combat this and help children progress.

Balancing Posture

Posture is another key factor in a child’s physical development journey. Pediatric physical therapists can work with a child to improve their posture if there is a problem. They may use functional skill activities and posture training exercises to boost improvement.

Improving Confidence

Another goal is pediatric treatment is to improve the patient and the family’s confidence level. Therapists work with families and parents by providing suggestions for increasing confidence in movement at home. This may include making changes to the physical environment and space at home or completing at-home exercises to further increase strength and range of motion.

Helping Children Lead Fulfilling Lives From The Jump

Physical therapists that specialize in treating children work on many different movement goals with their patients that help kids reach their goals. Therapists may have patients recovering from broken bones or correcting posture problems. They may also treat patients with brain injuries or developmental delays. Find physical therapy near me to get more information about what’s available for your child.

There are many advantages to working with a pediatric therapist. Suppose your child shows signs of developmental struggles or they have a recent injury that restricts their movement. In that case, it’s vital to seek treatment from a physical therapist that specializes in pediatric patients.

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