How Diamonds Are Made

You probably know a diamond as the sparkly clear polished stone with clean smooth facets. What most people probably don’t know is that the diamond didn’t start with all that sparkly and flashy elegance.

A diamond has to undergo a series of processes that take several billions of years before it is transformed into that brilliant sparkling gem on your ring.

Before we get into the making of diamonds, it is important to first point out that there are two types of diamonds found on the market today. There are natural mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

Mined Diamonds

A mined diamond is basically a naturally occurring gemstone with a crystallized carbon structure. The diamond was formed millions or even billions of years ago beneath the earth’s surface under the perfect heat and pressure conditions.

The diamonds are brought closer to the surface by natural events such as volcanic eruptions before they are mined from the round.

Most of the diamonds you see today were actually formed between a billion and 3.3 billion years ago. Some diamonds mined today are not that old or rare.

There are actually massive deposits of diamonds in the earth’s mantle but sadly they are too far down to be mined. Only a few precious pieces manage to escape the mantle, which is why diamonds are so precious.

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Lab-Grown Diamonds

You’ve probably heard of lab-grown diamonds and wondered if they are as real as natural diamonds. Well, lab-grown diamonds are just the same as mined diamonds.

The difference between the two is just that lab diamonds are grown in the lab while natural diamonds are mined from the earth. Lab diamonds have a crystallized carbon structure which gives them the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as naturally occurring diamonds.

One of the best things about lab-grown diamonds is that since they do not any form of mining or disturbance of the earth’s top soil, they are environmentally friendly and cost less, which is a good thing for you.

They don’t create carbon emissions and other environmental hazards. The lab-grown stone gives you the same quality of a natural diamond at around 20% to 30% less price.

How Are Diamonds Graded for Quality?

Both natural and lab-grown diamonds are graded for quality and value in many ways but the most common grading method is the 4Cs, which stands for Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat. Clarity refers to the stone’s score on a clarity scale.

It is quite rare to get a perfect stone because most stones come with inclusions but with the diamond clarity scale, you can tell a high-quality stone from the rest.

Cut refers to the way the diamond is cut, which depends on the company selling the diamond. A perfect stone should be cut to an Ideal standard which gives the stone the most brilliance and fire or glows. Some companies such as Best Brilliance sell diamond jewelry with high cut grades and overall quality.

Both mined and lab-grown diamonds are made of crystallized carbon structure but each stone’s chemical makeup may be different causing variations in color.

Some diamonds have a slightly yellow color while others are crystal white. The less color a diamond shows on the diamond color scale the more valuable it is. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond based on the diamond carat chart.   

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How Diamond Jewelry is Made

Diamond cutters receive the uncut rough diamonds and examine them using 3D scanning, which reveals the true diamond in the rough.

The diamonds are then polished, recorded, and analyzed to display the precise physical properties of the final carbon symmetry.

More importantly, you need an expert eye to assess the overall quality of the diamond and its fire. Whether small or large, every diamond that goes into making your engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry is evaluated by a professional team before it is certified by a licensed agent for quality and authenticity.


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The company’s partner jewelers provide the finest craftsmanship in the industry. They do a great job of matching the diamond stones with the right gold counterparts for life. Best Brilliance diamonds are also derived from reliable conflict-free sources.

The company offers the best diamond jewelry for all occasions including diamond engagement rings, lab-grown diamonds, moissanite diamonds, wedding bands, bridal sets, and other forms of diamond jewelry at attractive prices.

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