How to Be Great At Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the most artistic, creative, and mentally exhausting jobs there is. It takes a lot of thinking, visualizing, sketching, and handiwork to bring the image from one’s mind to exist in the physical world. The process of visualization and sketching is repeated until the artist is satisfied with his/her work. It requires a lot of talent to be great at fashion designing. It is not an easy field of work that anybody can take up. But when one is successful in this line of work, it brings more fame than wealth, giving the designer a certain amount of influence and power.

Here is a list of what would be required to take up a line of work as creative as fashion designing:

How to Be Great At Fashion Designing


Not everybody is creative. You can see creativity in a child when he/she draws, paints, sings or plays with different objects. Creativity is an innate talent that one is born with and that comes out later by being put to use or by being honed. Somebody can be creative with words but not with colors, someone with colors but not with drawing; it is just the way it is. Someone trying his/her hand at fashion designing must rank high on a level of creativity to be any good at it.


It is absolutely required as a skill in fashion designing, without which one would not be able to survive in the field or showcase any of his/her talents. Drawing and sketching are required to portray the design in one’s mind. Even with the software available these days, the skill of sketching is much valued for it accentuates what the designer actually wants. For drawing in software, it would take much more time. It might be that a person is talented enough to visualize the whole design in his/her head while not being able to put it on a paper. For that, the person must practice hard to gain this skill. Check with the experts at TopAssignmentExperts for any tip on how to proceed with drawing.

A View Up Close

Visualization is termed as a skill because an imaginative thinker is much more valued in this line of work than a logical one. If one could think with his/her eyes closed, all the details of design; edges, colors, shape, and length; this would make for a very clear image in the mind of designer’s head. This skill requires a lot of focus, which not many possess. Different people have different methods of visualizing a design; some think with their eyes open and the others think their eyes closed.

How Does It Feel

A designer must know the feel and look of a variety of cloth. One should understand how a type of cloth feels in the hand or looks like when worn. One must understand the textures and the smoothness of each mix of cloth. If a designer does not possess the knowledge, he/she wouldn’t be able to experiment and know which type of cloth would make the design in his/her head to look the exact same.

In the Know

An aspiring designer must be wary of what is trending nowadays and what is a faux pas. One should go through magazines and keep news of the fashion events each year to know the type of fashion that is trending and what will soon become a fad. This isn’t easy to know and only someone with a real interest in fashion designing would know something like this. You can delve into celebrity magazines to understand which one of the designers is the top-most choice for designing celebrity clothes or which one has started a store. “Designers launch new clothing or different lines of the brand all the time; it will help to keep a tab on the fashion news” – Says Michelle, a retail marketing expert at OnlineAssignmentWriting

Read History

Every budding fashion designer knows the name of Coco Chanel. A lady as classy as she was talented. She went on to create her own brand of clothing and her name is a legend now in the world of fashion. If you read about people who changed the world of fashion, it will help you gain some perspective on it and will make you think about fashion in a different way. “Fashion isn’t only about clothing or going for something that looks good and others find acceptable; it is also about individual choices and standing apart from others, creating your own style and raising your own voice.” – Mentions Yedi, an essay writer at EWU and a fashion enthusiast.

A Hunger Inside You

A spirit for competitiveness is a prerequisite in this line of work. Let us imagine that you spent days and months designing a range of clothes and at the end of it, all of them were praised by the critics and sold for big money. What would be your next course of action? Would you give yourself rest or go at it again to create much better designs. That is the only difference between a fighter and a settler; a fighter is never satisfied and never settles.

Communicate Well

One must be able to communicate his/her intentions or the type of design that is in one’s mind. Communication skills would also be required later on to tell your subordinates the type of work you want. People find that they are not able to fully portray their vision and design because of a lack of communication skills. That can be changed by focusing on how to communicate clearly. There are experts at ThanksForTheHelp who would readily help you develop communication skills.

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