How To Camp As A Couple (And Not Break Up!)

They say that travel is the best way for a couple to know if they are compatible. I would go one further and say that camping is the true test of a couple’s durability.

Sure, travel can be exhausting and there is a lot of pressure for things to go perfectly on a trip. Many fissures in a couple’s relationship can show during a trip that isn’t going according to plan. That gets amplified when camping as you are far more exposed to things that can go wrong when sleeping in a tent.

That’s why you have to be extra prepared if you plan to test your relationship by heading into the Great Outdoors.

Camping Tips for a Couple

In this article, I will go over several things that you have to make sure to do for a smooth and enjoyable camping experience with your loved one.

Get organized

Before you set out on your adventure, you need to have a plan and to have all the gear you’ll need to be very organized. Make sure to have plenty of things like camping straps and tie-downs, dry bags, and other essentials that might not be so obvious.

Clearly you need to bring things to sleep on and all your cooking and washing gear. But it’s those little details that will make a difference when you plan ahead.

Then focus on how to stow and pack everything to get to the campsite easily. Carrying gear that isn’t properly packed is a recipe for disaster.


The key to any relationship is to communicate well. When camping it is essential. If important things go unsaid, then it’s anybody’s guess on what needs to be done. And then things get missed or not done correctly. And then the camping trip can go South as soon as something unexpected happens.

You should also communicate what the trip will entail. Be clear about the difficulties that you will face but also what you plan to do for fun. This way you are both on the same page and can set your expectations accordingly. One thing that is a relationship killer is when people expect things that don’t happen or things happen that were not expected and resentment builds. And it always happens because of a lack of communication.


You’ll need to also delegate. Figure out what roles you are best suited for and then do the work according to who will do a certain chore best. If you are the organized type, then getting everything packed should be your job. If your partner is going to help you do it, then be clear on the instructions so it is done properly.

Maybe you are the one who likes to do the back-breaking work like lifting and moving things, then make sure to ask exactly where something needs to go or how it needs to be done before you do something that will make your life difficult.

Setting up the tent is a great opportunity to divide up the work. Four hands will make quick work of setting things up. Both of you can set up the tent and then dive the rest of the work that happens next. The inside of the tent needs to be set up with the bed and other accessories. Then the outside needs to be set up with your camping kitchen and a fire pit made. These jobs can be done separately to make it quick and to not be in each other’s hair while getting things ready.

Know the other’s tastes

If your significant other is a vegetarian and you pack along mostly meat based foods to prepare, you’re going to have a bad time. Make sure to know what they like to eat and things that they don’t don’t assume that they will like the same foods that you do.

Going back to the communication section, make sure to talk about the menu so you both know what to expect from your meals.

Cooking food on an open fire is a great way to bind as a couple so take the opportunity to make a special meal that you’ll both enjoy eating, but especially cooking together.

Focus on activities you both enjoy

Maybe you like fishing and she doesn’t, or you like to hike, but he doesn’t. Well, you can do those things on your own and your SO can use the opportunity to do their thing.

But, there needs to be a focus on activities you both enjoy that can be done together. Once again, talk about the trip and what you both hope to do while on the site. This way you can find those things you both enjoy and will have a great time together.

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