How to Get More Collagen in Your Diet

If you have ever noticed that some people seem to have glowing and beautiful skin even as they age while others do not, the answer likely has to do with collagen. The reality is that we all have collagen. It is naturally produced in our bodies. The problem is that some of us do not produce enough of it to keep our skin looking naturally beautiful. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do about this moving forward. By making a few subtle changes to your diet and your lifestyle, you can increase the amount of collagen in your body. This will show itself in the way your skin appears moving forward.

How to Get More Collagen in Your Diet

Bone Broth

If you love soup and all that goes with it, then you will want to consider adding bone broth to your diet. That is because this is an incredible source of collagen. Remember that collagen is a protein that has certain amino acids that are necessary to rebuild bone and skin. This is what you are looking for. While this is no guarantee that your bones and skin will change their appearance simply because you drink bone broth, it is one way to naturally introduce higher levels of collagen into your diet.


Meat is well known to be rich in protein. You might be wondering why this is important. It is so important because collagen is produced when it is combined with the amino acids that come for food rich in protein. That is a major reason why you will want to consider adding meat to your diet. The key is to do this in moderation. If you do not eat pork, that is ok. Collagen will be produced when you eat chicken and beef as well. The positive benefits will be seen as your skin begins to reflect the higher levels of collagen in your diet.

Collagen Protein Powder

One of the signs that you are not getting enough collagen in your diet is that your skin develops wrinkles in places that it never did before. You might also notice that your tendons and ligaments are stiffer and that your muscles begin to shrink and weaken. This may happen no matter how many foods rich in collagen you decide to eat. In order to reverse this trend, you will want to consider adding collagen protein powder to your drinks or food. Tone it Up has a great one with vitamin C which allows for better collagen absorption. This is a supplement that you can take every day to ensure that your body is getting the amount of collagen it needs to keep your skin and bones stay as healthy as they can be.

Topicals for Skin

There are also a number of topical skin treatments that you can consider. This produces synthetic collagen that your body may benefit from. These topicals will produce a layer on the skin to protect it from water loss and to reduce any adverse environmental impact that might be occurring.

Leafy Greens

One other way to get more collagen in your diet is to begin eating more leafy greens. These vegetables contain natural sources of collagen that your body will benefit from. The key is to eat them as close to their natural state as possible in order to get the highest amount of vitamins and minerals possible.

These are five ways to get more collagen in your diet. While there are certainly other ways that you can consider, this should be more than enough to get you headed in the right direction. The key is to help your body produce sufficient amounts of collagen that your skin can then use to rejuvenate itself. That is when you will begin to notice a big difference.

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