How to Gracefully Handle a Nip Slip

If you’ve ever come close to a nip slip, or perhaps even experienced the full embarrassment of one, you know they can be a tricky situation. If handled well, you can gracefully deal with the incident in a way that doesn’t end with you in tears or needing to avoid everyone in the room for the rest of your life.

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With a little preparation and a few tips on damage control, a nip slip doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare. You can achieve a smooth recovery for all parties involved. Here’s how.

Have Something Sexy to Show Off

The best-case scenario of an unavoidable nip slip is to have something sexy to show off underneath. A sexy bra under your blouse is the best way to minimize the amount of embarrassment in this scenario.

Lacy patterns or sexy colored bras send the message that your undergarments (and body parts they cover) were actually meant to be seen. It may leave people thinking you’re not as embarrassed as you perhaps truly are in the event of unexpected exposure. Of course, a nip slip is not going to be your favorite memory, but sexy lingerie is your best accomplice in at least helping you appear confident and in control of the moment.

Make a Quick Exit

Perhaps this goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. In the event of a nip slip, it is best to find an excuse to leave as quickly as possible from the room. You’ll need privacy to compose yourself both mentally and physically, plus fix any wardrobe malfunctions that have occurred.

In a calm and dignified manner, make your way to the nearest bathroom or exit door. Be sure not to rush so you don’t alert any people around you who may have missed the initial incident. If anyone stops and asks you why you are leaving or where you are going, simply reply that you will be right back just as soon as you check on something. The key is to appear as casual as possible.

Assess the Situation

Once you’ve made your exit and adjusted any wardrobe failure, you can begin to think back on the details of the event to determine the next steps necessary.

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As you process what happened, ask yourself how many people definitely saw your nip slip. Of those people, how many need to be addressed? Are they people you see frequently, are close with or have a professional relationship with?

Would it be believable if you were to pretend as if you aren’t aware that it happened? The answers to these questions will factor into your game plan on how to handle the aftermath of your nip slip in the best way.

If you have a close and casual friendship with most of the individuals who witnessed your wardrobe malfunction, it is probably unnecessary to do anything further and they’ll most likely help you laugh it off.

However, if the people around you were work colleagues, then addressing it directly in a conversation in the future may be the most professional and respectful thing to do. Weigh out your options and decide when it is best to ignore or acknowledge.

Prevent One Next Time with Full Coverage

We’ve all had those bras that don’t quite fit right. Maybe it was your favorite bra once upon a time, but eventually, either your body changes or old bras stretch out. If this was a factor in your nip slip event, it may be time to step up the coverage. A full coverage bra might be the best way to ensure the most comfort and protection to prevent any future nip slip scenarios.

An unreliable undergarment that doesn’t fit you correctly is a nip-slip waiting to happen. Additionally, large breasts that sag without proper support can lead to back pain. Be sure to add a full coverage and supportive bra to your underwear drawer so you can keep nip slips, back pain, and discomfort at bay.

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To conclude, nip slips are not an ideal situation to find yourself in, but there are ways to gracefully handle it and prevent any future ones from happening. Whether you decide to be prepared with something sexy to show off or opt for a full coverage bra, both scenarios can help you craft a plan to deal with your nip slip.

Just be sure to react as smoothly and calmly as possible to avoid calling attention to the wardrobe issue. If you are in a professional environment, it may be best to address the slip directly to appear confident and respectful to your co-workers. If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by those you have an intimate, casual friendship with, then take note of how the nip slip occurred but quickly laugh it off and enjoy the rest of your night.

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