How To Help Your Kid Dealing With Low Self Esteem

Having self-esteem issues need not necessarily be linked to being inferior to others in society. It is a behavioral problem that is more internal than external. Although it is okay to feel a sense of low self-esteem occasionally when there are actual driving forces behind, it is absolutely not okay to have this complex on an ongoing basis. This problem is not age-specific and anybody can have it, but when it is witnessed in children, it does far more damage than it does otherwise. As a parent, it is hard to see your child suffer. And it is equally hard to arrange for a fix. But psychologists say certain practices and tactics do bring about a great deal of relief to such children. Wondering what practices? Read on to find out-

Tips to Help Your Kid Dealing With Low Self Esteem

Have Faith in your Kids

To help your Kid Dealing with Low Self Esteem could be tough, but not impossible. Begin from having faith in their capabilities. And even if you feel at the core that your child is not great at a lot of things, you need to have patience and wait till they improve with proper training.

Some children are born genius, others are a little slow. Just because your child falls in the latter category doesn’t mean you can form an opinion about them, without giving them enough time to prove their mettle.

Remember, a child might not be great at studies, but they might shine if you allowed them to paint. Meaning, talents remain hidden in children, until you give them the scope and time to explore such talents and put them out for the world to see.

Don’t insult your Kids for every Mistake

Stop being sarcastic right away! There is no child that doesn’t make mistakes. If your little one makes mistakes to a point that you begin to feel exasperated, you could take the easy way out and pass derogatory remarks to them. But that is the worst thing to do. Being negatively rewarded that way will only make things tougher for them. Be compassionate with kids. When they make mistakes, tell them what mistakes they have made and how to correct them, instead of being sarcastic, hoping that would cause things to change.

Don’t Compare you kid with anyone

Yes, you want to help your Kid Dealing with Low Self Esteem, but without acknowledging that they are unique in their own right, you won’t be able to make any difference. If you want your child to feel special and worthy, you will have to stop drawing comparisons between them and other kids. Just because you want your child to be like the all rounder kid in your neighborhood, doesn’t mean you will mention him all the time. That will only make your child feel more inferior.

Failure is not the End of Everything

Whether it is an academic failure or failure in some other field or context, you can always cause it to hurt your child less by pepping them up. Tell them that failure is not the end of everything, it just helps one spot their shortcomings better. And if you are one of those parents who want their kids to only stand out, then it’s time you became realistic and practical in the matter of your desires.

And if you’re finding yourself unable to make them get over their failure then, You must check out this article. We hope, it’ll help.

Let them take their decisions

It is you who decides which shirt your child wears when he goes to the church or which subject he studies on a particular day. If you have been making choices for your kid, now would be the right time to stop doing that. Something as simple as allowing your child to make his own choices could instill in him a lot of confidence and high self esteem. Hence, to be able to help your Kid Dealing with Low Self Esteem, you will have to trust their choices.

Always be Honest with your kids

Kids love their parents. And one of the prime reasons why they try to improve themselves is because they want to be looked on as really worthy by their parents. And that is why your child approaches you for feedback, say, when they create something new. However, What you should avoid doing is being dishonest in your feedbacks. Yes, you love your child, but that shouldn’t prevent you from being critical when the ball that they draw looks like an apple. Bear in mind that children can easily tell the difference between a sincere compliment and baseless praising.

Let them handle their work as per their own capacity

Don’t just do things on their behalf. Meaning, you will have to stop tying shoelaces for them. Now, this might be affection or pampering for you, but for your child, it could mean they are not good enough to handle their own work. Remember, one of the best ways to help your Kid Dealing with Low Self Esteem, is to help them become self-sufficient and happier as well. And we can’t deny the fact that better mental health will lead to higher self-confidence.

If you truly want to help your Kid Dealing with Low Self Esteem, then following the above recommendations would be the best bet. They are proven techniques that almost always work. So, don’t wait any longer, it’s time you put this invaluable piece of advice into use!

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