How To Make A Great And Lasting Impression At A Job Interview

Job interviews are dreaded by most and for good reason. No matter your skill set and ability to get the job done, other elements play a huge role in landing that position.

Maybe you get nervous in high-pressure situations and struggle to be your otherwise confident self or maybe you lack the confidence and therefore, don’t push for what you want. In either case, there are some basic tips that can help ease this process to ensure what’s on paper matches your presence.

How To Make A Great Impression At A Job Interview

Your Appearance

Unfortunately, we live in a vain society and with that comes the weight of having to look “the part”. Regardless of your gender, the most important thing is to wear something simple and put together but most importantly something you feel comfortable in.  

While it’s recommended to stick to neutral colors and simple lines, if you’re someone who wears bright colors every other day of the week, don’t be afraid to add a little of your personality in there.

If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to break the bank for this interview outfit because at the end of the day employers won’t be checking the brand label on your suit but they will be looking for a put together candidate. The best way to go about this is to wear a well tailored outfit – nothing too baggy or too tight. Most importantly, make sure everything is clean and there are no loose hems.

When it comes to hair and makeup, it’s advised to steer clear of heavy makeup or elaborate hairstyles. That being said, similarly to your clothes, don’t shy away from being yourself and styling yourself in a way you feel is professional but true to you.

Talking about the Company

You need to do your research on the company. When provided the opportunity you need to ask intelligent questions — that’s where good research will help you. You need to show how useful your skills are and how they’ll fit into the company’s goals. You need to state your major career achievements to date in order to prove to your interviewer that you’re worthy of the position.

Being Human

While your achievements are the main focus in an interview, you also need to be real. You can share some of the failures you’ve experienced in your career and explain what you’ve gained from them. This shows you’re able to pick up the pieces of any situation and move on with the lessons learned.

Provide a Summary

When you are in the interview you need to be able to summarize your career journey without taking a glimpse at your resume. You may include the experiences you have gained in the various jobs you have had.


You need to have a smile on your face. A smile will soften hearts and influence the way people interpret your personality. Smiling makes you feel good and spreads that goodness around. It’s easy to smile and have the interviewer smile back at you. It can change the company’s final decision in your favor.

Be Kind

You need to be kind to everyone you meet on your way to the interview. Some of the staff you’ll meet at reception may have an influence on recruitment, and if you failed to be nice to them you may have blown your chance. Being kind not only helps you clinch that interview, but also in life.

Your Handshake

You need to make the most of this moment. A firm handshake with eye contact goes a long way towards making the right impression. Breaking eye contact gives off the impression of being dismissive or disinterested.

Be Punctual

You need to be able to show your time-keeping skills, so arrive well ahead of the scheduled time to get a sense of the surroundings and calm down before the interview. That said, don’t show up too early or it will look like you’re desperate to get a job. 10 to 15 minutes before the interview is about right.

The above strategies can leave a lasting impression on those that interview you. However, one of the most important things to remember is that you should always be yourself. Address the interviewer with respect and confidence. Don’t keep your salary expectations too high or too low. If asked, just present a reasonable figure commensurate with the job in question. Good luck!

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