How to Nail a Family Photoshoot With Your Newborn Baby

If you have a newborn baby, you probably know by now that they can be tough work. They seem to need constant attention, and when they start screeching, it can be difficult trying to understand what they actually want or need. They’re messy. It sometimes feels like the second you’ve finished cleaning up after them, they’ve spilled, dropped, or broken something else. Babies also love exploring. The whole world is brand new, so you can’t really blame them, but it does mean that they don’t exactly stay still.

Now, imagine trying to keep this same newborn quiet and calm during a family photoshoot. You probably can’t think of many things that are worse to do with a brand-new baby, other than perhaps a long-haul flight. But then, never fear, a photoshoot with a baby doesn’t have to be as traumatic as you imagine. Here are some tips on how to successfully take some wonderful family photos with your new baby.

Family Photoshoot With Newborn Baby

Location, location, location.

The place you choose for your photoshoot will make a huge difference. You’ll want to make sure that everyone, including the baby, is happy and comfortable. While you might love the idea of a Christmassy family photo in the snow, these sessions can sometimes take hours. If your baby is cold, they will probably be a lot more difficult than if they’re at a comfortable temperature. In general, it’s best to use your own home as the location if a newborn baby is involved. They will feel comfortable and safe if they recognize their surroundings. If you do decide to use another location, be extra careful to pick somewhere that’s fairly sheltered if it’s outdoors.

Come prepared.

If you come with an emergency bag of essentials, you’ll be able to tackle any scenario that may arise. Necessities include diapers, wet wipes, snacks, milk, toys, and a blanket. Be sure to pack your baby’s favorite toys as these will help to calm them if they get distressed. It’s also wise to bring a stain stick in case of any accidents. For worst-case scenario situations, a change of clothes or two is a wise addition to your bag.

Plan your outfits.

You’ll want your baby to look their best for the first photos of them. Planning what he or she will wear on the day in advance will save you from last-minute searching on the day only to find that your favorite onesie is dirty. It’s best to buy your newborn a brand new outfit for the occasion. This way, it will be clean and ready to go.

Try to buy an outfit that’s quite understated. You want the pictures of your baby to look as natural and simple as possible. Bitsy Bug Boutique is a great place to start if you’re looking for special and cute baby onesies. They’ve got something to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re after a witty phrase or a cute, simple pattern, Bitsy Bug will have the perfect option for you. Their onesies come in a range of sizes, so you can also pick up a few outfits for when your newborn is a little bit bigger.

Lots of people like to plan matching outfits for family photoshoots, and while this can be a little cheesy, it makes a huge difference to coordinate with your family members. If you already know what you’re wearing, try to find a onesie that matches and complements your own outfit. The photos will turn out much better if the colors and patterns are synchronized. 


Plan to take frequent breaks. Your baby will probably need some extra attention every now and then, and the rest of the family is sure to appreciate a chance to rest as well. A break will be a chance to have a snack, sit down, or just stop smiling for a few minutes. You’ll be amazed at how tiring posing for pictures can be!

Rest up the day before.

Getting a baby to sleep when it doesn’t want to is no easy task. But then, if you can, try to ensure that your child has a good sleep the night before the photoshoot. If you show up to the session with a poorly rested, grumpy baby, your day will be a lot less pleasant than it could have been. This advice goes for the rest of the family, too. Not only will the session be more enjoyable, but you’ll also be pleased not to see tell-tale bags under your eyes when you get the pictures back.


Guessing what someone wants doesn’t usually end well. If you don’t speak up and let the photographer know what type of pictures you’re after, you may be very disappointed with the result. Ask to see some of the shots as you go to make sure they look the way you imagined, and if you have any ideas, don’t be afraid to voice them. Your photographer will be grateful for your frankness as they’ll want you to like the photos, too! Try to think of all the possible photos you might want and be sure to get them. If you want some of just you and the baby, for instance, be sure to let the photographer know.


This will probably be your only chance to get some high-quality images of your child at this age. Pretty soon, he or she will look very different. It’s important that your session goes as well as it possibly can so that you have some beautiful photos to look back on when they’re older. Try to plan everything to the smallest detail in advance, so you aren’t too stressed in the immediate lead up to the photoshoot. Have your emergency bag and outfits ready to go the evening before, so that you can wake up and get ready without too much hassle. This way, you can try to enjoy the photoshoot experience. Who knows, it might actually be fun!

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