Your Honda Civic is an exceptional piece of automotive engineering. However, to keep your car on the road where it belongs, you need to make sure your vehicle is capable of passing an emissions test. Most states require this test to be performed once every two years, and a lot can happen in that time. You may need to invest in the best Honda Civic catalytic converters to know conclusively your vehicle is up for the task. Regardless of the component you need, utilize VIN lookup free online.

How To Pass Your Honda Civic’s Emissions Test

Inspect the Catalytic Converter

Plenty of drivers have to ask themselves, “What is a tuneup on a car?” It is when a professional examine your vehicle comprehensively to see if there is anything impacting overall performance. One of the most critical parts looked at during your emissions test is the catalytic converter. This component is responsible for transforming toxic gases into relatively safe ones. If it sustains damage, then you will not be able to pass your test. It may be an expensive part to replace, but it is an essential piece within your vehicle.

Clean the Air Filter

Much like your home’s HVAC system, your vehicle relies on air filters to filter out dust and debris. High quantities of hydrocarbons can clog up the filter. Before you go in for the test, you want to inspect the filter and either replace or clean it. It all depends on what type of filter you have in there already. This procedure is simple enough to do on your own in your garage, but you can always have a professional assist you if you need it.

Fix the “Check Engine” Light

The “check engine” light notifies you when there is an issue with your vehicle’s engine. You should always run a test as soon as this light turns on to determine if there is an underlying issue present. After you run the test, you may realize the light illuminated due to a malfunction within the system. While everything with your engine is all right, you should still fix the light so that it will shut off. You do not want the person running the emissions test to fail you because the light is on.

Repair a Leaky Gas Cap

This is a straightforward issue you can handle on your own. You should know to put your gas cap back into place after filling up. However, over time, the cap can crack, causing gasoline to leak out of your Honda Civic. In the event you need a new one, you should find one that is a perfect fit so that it properly seals the tank.

Most people do not pay any mind to their emissions tests. However, if your vehicle is not up to the task, then you will end up spending a lot of time and money trying to fix it. When you need anything to repair your vehicle, you should find what you need online. All the parts you need will be delivered directly to you, so you can fix your car in the comfort of your own garage.


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