Is a 2 Carat Diamond a Good Size for an Engagement Ring?

We are often led to believe that size matters in terms of diamond engagement rings. Although one-carat stones are the most popular, perhaps you are thinking about “kicking it up a notch” with the help of a diamond weighing two carats. Is this the optimal size for an engagement ring?

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This is a slightly loaded question, as there are a handful of variables to address besides the carat weight of the stone itself. What are some professional recommendations and are there any mistakes to avoid along the way? If you are curious to learn more, the information below will come in handy,

The Importance of the Cut

We should first stress that the apparent size of any diamond is partially reflected in its shape and cut. This is why there is no “standard” size when referring to a two-carat diamond. Those who are looking to truly accentuate the carat weight will therefore choose diamond shapes that provide the illusion of size (such as an oval cut). Those who are instead more interested in visual balance tend to opt for round brilliant diamonds. The cut quality is the most important factor when it comes to maximizing carat weight. A superb cut will unleash the full fire, brilliance and scintillation of a diamond, thus giving a greater impact and better balance.

What if you wish to purchase a 2 carat stone and you are still worried about the cost? In this case, most experts agree that princess and oval cuts are the best options. This arises from the fact that princess cuts make the most out of the existing shape of a rough diamond. In the same respect, oval cuts are shallower and more of the stone is visible from a top-down perspective.

Finding the Best Aesthetic Balance

Two-carat diamonds are also defined by other qualities (color and clarity). These massively impact the price of the stone. It is important to mention that certain diamond shapes (such as a round brilliant) tend to mask slight imperfections. Therefore, the price of the stone will be slightly less and it can still exhibit a truly stunning fire (radiance).

On the contrary, colored stones are always priced higher due to their relative rarity. For instance, one predominant trend in recent times is to purchase a champagne-colored diamond. The only possible drawback is that you will be required to spend significantly more. In other words, the type of stone is often determined by your personal preferences and those of your partner.

Buying “Shy”

A two-carat diamond is certainly impressive to behold. However, would you be able to discern the disparities between a two-carat stone and a diamond weighing 1.9 carats? The value of a diamond will always rise when it reaches a full carat number. It could therefore be wise to purchase a stone slightly lower than two carats, as it is virtually impossible to tell the difference when dealing with a well-cut diamond.

Bigger is undoubtedly better when referring to diamond sizes and carat weights. While a two-carat stone is stunning, you still have other options to consider. Be sure to examine online diamond wholesalers to better appreciate the array of options. This is also an excellent way to encounter significant discounts without being forced to sacrifice quality.

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