Like Everything Else Interior Design Trends Are A Blast From The Past

Every time you walk into a store it seems like you’re going through a time warp. Styles and trends from the late 80s and 90s are popping up everywhere. It is impossible to miss them. With all of the clothing styles, shoe designs, and vehicles mimicking the 90s era it is no wonder that interior design is also taking us back into the days of flannels and grunge music.

With the blending of old and new, you might be curious to learn what styles are actually vintage rather than contemporary. It’s hard to think of the 90s as vintage, but keep in mind that was 30 years ago. Here are some of the styles you might see repeated from your parents’ living rooms.

Rattan wicker furniture and décor

Remember wicker furniture? While wicker is actually a furniture design rather than a specific material. While in the late 80s wicker furniture made from a type of synthetic plastic was lightweight and affordable, but today people are trending toward more natural, recyclable, or biodegradable materials.

Rattan is the most popular of these, and you will see it everywhere. Living rooms and even bedrooms in the coastal interior design style make use of rattan wicker furniture.

Blonde wood

Traditional furniture is all about deep wood tones like mahogany and cherry. But for a time in the 90s, people preferred blonde wood and pastels for a lighter, more fun aesthetic. These trends are coming back as people take on a brighter approach to the future. The younger generations are even more committed to improving their society and the world around them than Generation X, so it only makes sense they would go back to that time of political rock anthems.

Natural colors

Nature is made up of a myriad of colors, but some are definitely found in nature more often than others. If you love the look of autumn leaves as they turn to gold, yellow, red, and orange, you can easily bring those colors into your home décor and furnishings. Using natural textures and wood grains also go a long way toward this very Bohemian approach to interior design.

Bohemian doorway curtains

Are you starting to see the link between the two generations? The Bohemian interior décor style is not just about being eclectic; it is also about using natural textiles and fibers and materials wherever possible. Doorway curtains are a great way to solidify this aesthetic in your home. Choose curtains that are made of jute and other natural fibers rather than those made of plastic beads. You can also make your own with crystals and other popular stones.

Even prices are from the 90s

The price of home furniture has been coming down steadily for the last several years. With so many online furniture stores offering free delivery promotions and consistent discounts, the furniture retail industry has seen a dramatic shift. Whereas buying vintage furniture from junk shops and flea markets might seem more realistic, you can get the same styles brand new with discount home furniture.

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