Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days, Personally tested Steps!!

Yes, Plus size figure is simply the blessed figure by God. But most of the persons want some changes in their life (mentally and physically as well) to match their steps with the running world. And we all know slim figure is not only appropriate for grabbing the attention but also keep us at distance from various diseases. Generally, while managing the messed daily life stuff, we completely forget to maintain our physical health properly which leads to obesity.

Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days1.1

“Obesity” is the kind of disease which is generally ignored at maximum times but affect us even more badly than any other worse disease. Today, we’re revealing one personal tested procedure to lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days. If you’re thinking we’re going to introduce any product to lose weight then, you’re unfortunately wrong, because our steps are totally related to homemade stuff. You can also look at the complete description of the list of foods which help your to lose weight and stay healthier.

Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days

For transformation from plus size figure to sexy slim figure, you need to follow a diet chart which help your body to allow itself to lose some extra fat.

The provided seven days diet chart can simply transform you, but you need to follow the chart strictly to get required results. These are some set of things which you’ve to follow through-out the week.

Easy but continues exercise:

Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days1

No, we’re not saying about any heavy exercise. You just need to continue the brisk walk of 30 minutes for the entire week. And for better results, you can increase the time span after every single day.

Have enough quality of water:

Pensive blond woman drinking water

Do you know dehydration is the main reason behind the common headache more than 90% of times? And that also lead to minor depression and which can take you to obesity. You need to consume at least 10 glasses of water daily. For better health, you can continue this even after the completion of the seven-day-diet chart.

Yummy Fruity Monday

Excessive toxins are one of the major reasons behind the extra fat. Initially, you need to throw the excessive toxins out of your body and which could be possible with the diet of fruit only. That’s why; you need to start the plan with the fruity Monday.

Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days3

  • Have 2 apples in breakfast.
  • You can continue your lunch with a pomegranate and 2 oranges and an apple.
  • And, you need to finish the first day with an apple, a pomegranate and two oranges

Note: Remember, fruits juices are not allowed.

Veggy Tuesday

On the second day of diet plan, vegetables are the only things which are allowed but you’ve two options for the way to have vegetables:

  • Either you can go with raw vegetable salad,
  • Or boiled vegetables with salt and pepper are the option.

For this time, you’ve to resist yourself to add cream or butter to the salad. And you can’t have milk too.

You’ve to start your day with two boiled potatoes; you can add some salt for the sake of taste.

Ingredients to make the vegetable salad


  1. 9-10 Salad Leaves
  2. One pealed carrot
  3. One tomato
  4. ½ Cup corn
  5. Three chopped onions
  6. One cucumber
  7. Three table spoon fresh lemon juice
  8. ½ chopped Broccoli

And then, you can finish the day with vegetable soup having same ingredients as vegetable soup.

Fruity-Veggy Wednesday

On this day, you’ve to inter-mix your diet with fruits and vegetables as well. Vegetable salad or boiled vegetables should be preferred but keep distance from butter, oil and milk. Or you can complete this day with fruit salad.

Ingredients to make Fruits salad

Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days5

  1. 2 diced red apples
  2. Three oranges
  3. 15-20 grapes
  4. ½ Table spoon sugar
  5. One Mango, peeled and chopped
  6. 3 table spoon lemon juice
  7. Salt and Pepper

Note: Don’t forget to consume 10-12 glasses of water daily.

Delicious Thursday

Thursday is going to be the delicious part of diet plan.

  • On the fourth day, you can start your day with 3 bananas and 2 glasses of milk
  • During lunch, you can have 7 more bananas with 1 glass of milk
  • And you can finish the day with diet soup.

Ingredients to make Diet Soup

Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days6

  1. 2 cups of water
  2. One tomato properly chopped
  3. 3 onions chopped in small pieces
  4. One carrot
  5. One cabbage cut in small pieces
  6. Salt and pepper, as per taste

Boil the ingredients for 5-10 minutes and enjoy it after that.

Heavy Friday

Generally, most of the people will lose 6-7 lbs till this day who follow the chart strictly and properly. The weight loss could vary from person to person considering the body shape and size.

Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days7

On Friday, you should have fruits, vegetables along with a small bowl of brown rice.

  • In the morning, you can have your breakfast as one apple and 2 tomatoes
  • Lunch would be a bowl of boiled brown rice and 2 tomatoes
  • The day would end with very low diet as one apple and a tomato.
  • Have at-least 14-15 glasses of water through-out the day.

Saturday Diet

On Saturday, you’ll have to consume 2 bowls of boiled brown rice and some vegetable including 2 carrots, a cabbage, 3 tomatoes, lemon juice etc.

Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days8

You can also have green tea this day (without milk).

Grand Finale: Sunday

On grand finale, you can have everything you had through-out the seven day diet plan including fruits, vegetables, diet soup, vegetable soup and brown rice.

Lose 10 lbs weight in just 7 days9

Hopefully, this chart would help you to lose some extra fat and conclude yourself in the category of slim and sexy girls and wear whatever you want to wear. And you can also look at some pictures of sexy girls wearing sexy dresses.

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