4 Men’s Fashion Trends to Lookout for in 2019

The expectation for men’s fashion in 2019 is bulky, hard, and large. Layering and sportswear are also expected to play an integral part in these trends. In terms of fabrics, one can expect lots of leather and thick, rich tones.

A lot of the trends that are expected to see the light in the coming months have been rejected by professional body image consultant and fashion bloggers. These trends are often regarded as unflattering, especially for men that are a bit heavier. These conventional styles have a lot to with silhouettes and compensating for body shapes that are not widely perceived to be attractive.

These newer trends follow a different philosophy, and that is that clothing should serve as armor. Broad shoulder padding, layering, and long jackets are all supposed to boost confidence and comfort, instead of forcing man’s body shape into something that it’s not. Let’s take a look at 4 trends that you can expect in 2019.

Men’s Fashion Trends to Lookout for

Extra Large Shoulders

This is a trend that goes back to the 1980s, only more exaggerated. Even though wall street traders and actors at the end of the ’70s and the start of the ’80s wore suits and sportcoats with broad shoulders, it’s not really what you’ll be seeing shortly. The broad shoulder trend doesn’t only apply to suits, but any type of jacket or coat.

When engaging in this trend, try to do some research on how you can pull this off for your body type. Even though the goal is not to dress for your body type, this trend should be approached with the objective to appear trendy and to upheld the idea behind it.

Hip Hop Jewelry

Bling is coming back in 2019 and, just like the rest of the trend, the goal to be bold and bulky. Hip hop jewelry from Itshot is the perfect place to start your search for trendy hip-hop jewelry. Important to remember that this trend will apply to all types of jewelry, including watches, rings, bracelets, and neck jewelry like pendants or chains.

If you stick to the other trends like oversized shoulders and fireman jackets, you will be able to afford to go a little crazy with hip hop jewelry.

Pattern Trends

Pinstripes are expected to make a prominent comeback in 2019. This trend will not only apply to suits but also smart casual wear and shorts. The benefit of pinstripes is that it is an excellent pattern for short or bulky men, as it gives a thinner, lankier appearance.

Another pattern that one can expect to see checks. Not just any check, but variants of the Scottish clan tartan. This a really nice trend to incorporate for hats, sports jackets, ties, and bow ties. This pattern will go well with rich and warm tones and, more particularly, wool and leather. This one of the more neutral trends that you will see in 2019, but it sure is one that will fill your attire to the brim with personality.

Baseball Caps

A casual trend for 2019 that you can look forward to. Fendi and Gucci already rolled out their teams get their lines of baseball caps of the ground. This trend can be incorporated by men from all walks of life. It will even allow you to sport a designer item with your industrial workwear. Since Major League Baseball is teaming up with Italian design houses, it means that this trend will be closer to home. These companies are working with the World Food Program to ensure that this trend will help people in need.

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