9 of the Most Iconic Sunglass Styles For Men

For a lot of men, having a small collection of accessories is enough, as long as they have the essential pieces they need, like a trusty pair of sunglasses that will provide a good level of eye protection, and elevate their look. Sunglasses are great because they add a personal character to your outfit, and make you look debonair without much effort. A pair of shades also goes well with suits, and even with casual outfits.

But with so many sunglass styles available in the market, it can be challenging to choose only a few frames to add to your collection. To help you navigate your options for the next time you’re looking to buy sunglasses, we’ve listed three of the most iconic sunglass styles that are so timeless, you won’t ever want to take them off!

Most Iconic Sunglass Styles For Men

The Wayfarer

This enduringly iconic style first emerged in the 1950s. The Wayfarer was designed to break from the available styles of that time, which are mostly metal framed sunglasses. The first Wayfarers were manufactured by Ray-Ban, and featured a trapezoidal shape that is different from the square shape of Wayfarers we typically see today. The shape of the classic Wayfarer resembles cat-eye frames, and allowed discerning gents to achieve that Bob Dylan counter-culture vibe.Although the style has slumped in popularity many times before, it always manages to make a comeback, proving itself to be a classic.

Several eyewear brands have picked up this style, used new materials, and applied the latest lens technology to produce various Wayfarer designs that offer universal wearability, and look great on most face shapes.


The Aviator, which originated in the 1930s, is considered one of the first popularized style of shades to be produced by Bausch & Lomb. The Aviator was made to protect the eyes of pilots from fog and direct sunlight while they are flying. Just like the Wayfarer, it is one of the best-selling sunglass styles in the world. Its most distinctive features are the double bridge, the sleek wire frames, and the lenses that are typically two times the size of the eye socket.

Shortly after its release, the Aviator became a staple of pilot gear for the US aviators. The teardrop shape was exactly what combat pilots needed to cover their eyes with a more modern option, rather than using the clunky flying goggles they usually wear while flying at high altitudes. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, many known personalities including Paul McCartney and Gloria Steinem began wearing the style. By this time, other eyewear companies have produced their own versions of the Aviator, and civilians were able to buy rectangular-shaped Aviators, also sometimes called “Navigators”.

Today, the Aviator is still favored by many for its timeless appeal that provides a character to any person bespectacled with it.

The Clubmaster

While Wayfarers and Aviators are some of the best-selling sunglass styles among the general public, the Clubmaster is a top choice among menswear aficionados. The frame is inspired by the browline style of the 1950s and 60s – sunglasses with a thick and bold upper rim, and rounded lenses. Clubmaster was born in the late 70s as a result of Ray-Ban’s effort to create their own version of the browline style that accentuates one’s natural browline. During that period, Ray-Ban began offering the frame style as part of the brand’s Clubmaster series. The brand took every revision of the thick brows and sleek metal caps of the original Browline to create a style that looks elegant on a variety of face shapes. Today, the Clubmaster remains a classic yet hip style that is perfect for men seeking a vintage and refined look.

Here are the other sunglass styles you can opt from:

We hope that you must have found the best sunglass considering your face shape from the above collection.

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