What You’re Doing Wrong: Top 6 Moves Men Make That Turn Women Off

As a young girl, your parents would warn you to be careful with boys because they only had “one thing on their mind,” right? Yes. That one thing was sex. Well, as it turns out, that “one thing” they had on their minds grow with them well into adulthood. Some guys are really smooth with getting what they want, while others are socially awkward and don’t stand a chance of even getting an eye batted at them!

To be fair, a man’s brain does change over the course of his life span. A study in the 2008  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science states that men have a “promiscuity gene,” and men born without it are more likely to have marriage on their brain more than just sex.

Now, don’t think for one minute that the guys who seemingly know what to say and do to get a woman to melt in the palms of their hands was equipped with some type of “playbook.” They too had to go through their stages of awkwardness… they just picked up on the do’s and don’ts faster and learned from their mistakes! The socially awkward guy might benefit more, sexually, from a dating app on a trustworthy site.

Moves Men Make That Turn Women Off

Treat Your Dating Life Like You’re Applying to Jobs

Your dating life is very similar to job hunting. No one woman is the same, just as no one job is the same, so for each job (woman) you apply to, you have to tweak your resume (change up your approach) a bit, right? I’m not saying change who you are, but for the sake getting what you want, get interested in some of her interests!

What Men Want Vs. What Women Want

When it comes to the idea of sex and love, men and women have totally different views. For most women, women need to feel loved to have sex… whereas men need to have sex to feel loved. The two theories are like oil and water right? Some people think those two theories are the difference between dating vs. a relationship but not all men and women are like that or think like that.

There are those women who are perfectly comfortable having casual sex with no strings attached, and those are the women who are ideal for the men who have that “one thing” on their minds. Now, even though these women might have the same things on their minds as the men do, these women still make a man work for it.

So the aspect of needing to have a good “game” is still very necessary for a man to get what he wants. Fellas, pay attention. Here are the quickest ways to sleeping alone at night!

Being Too Drunk During the First Encounter

So, let’s say you’re out with your guys at a club or bar. Of course, you’re going to be drinking, as will everyone else there, but when it comes to hitting on women, especially on the first date or encounter, men tend to practice less restraint than women. Some turn offs of a drunken man hitting on a woman include, but are not limited to:

  • Bad breath
  • Slurred speech
  • No regard for personal space (in your face)
  • Bad memory
  • Clumsy

If you want to kill your chances of a possible hookup after the club, have one too many drinks and perform all of the above! Instead, look for first date ideas that will impress her… remember, it’s easier to attract flies with honey than vinegar!

Communicating Through Basic Texts

There’s nothing worse than a woman getting a “WYD” (what you doing?) text. Do you know what she’s thinking? She’s thinking “are you that lazy that you can’t fully type the entire question out?” Not even a “hey, how are you?” before the “WYD.”  Guys… abbreviated basic texts are not how you impress a woman through text.

To really swoon a woman by way of text, it will take work in combination with your other efforts, but let her wake up to a “good morning sunshine” or “have a great day” text message. Have her go to bed with “good night” or “sweet dreams” texts… it might sound corny to you but women like receiving messages like that… it lets them know you’re thinking about them.

Sexual Greetings

Although sex might be on your mind, guys, you can’t go around making that known. Guys, if you’re out in a club or even in a store, the quickest way to get ignored or even acknowledged with a glance is to greet a woman by saying “hey sexy.” For a woman, it’s just plain rude.

You have to understand, even though a woman might be all about sex just as much as you are, we are very poised and classy about it, will definitely make you work for it. Never underestimate the power of a simple “hi, how are you today?”

Time’s a Wasting! Use a Trustworthy Dating Site

Now, if you’re a man who has no interest or time for any of these measures, then you might want to look into an app that can arrange casual hookups for you. This will allow you to get what you want when you want it, and it can be done all on a safe and secure site.

All in all, I hope this article was helpful and can help you in your future dating endeavors. If you can follow this simple “playbook,” your dating skills can be greatly improved.

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