Necklace, Promise Ring, and Bracelets: The Best Jewelry Gifts For Women

Historically, jewelry has existed from ancient times up to the present. Early jewelry comes from natural materials such as shells, wood, stones, and feathers. As time passed, rare stones and precious metals replaced the early types of jewelry. Despite progress and differences in materials and methods of its making process, the value of jewelry still remains.

The importance of jewelry may vary from culture to culture and person to person. Although monetary value is the common importance for many jewelry, others may see differently. This fact is the reason why some people just can’t let go of their pieces, even for ridiculous amounts of money.

Speaking of value, women are often at the forefront of jewelry. It’s a common saying that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Though that saying might be general, it’s safe to say that women love jewelry as much as men do. With that said, here are some jewelry you can give to your special lady.


Rings are some of the most common jewelry you can give as gifts. Don’t get it wrong, even if rings are common, their value goes beyond money. This fact is the reason why rings are the perfect gifts. Even if a person already has a ring, you can’t have enough rings. You can after all, wear more than one!

A ring can be given as a wedding ring, engagement ring, a promise ring, etc. If you’re looking for a promise ring, don’t fret. You can easily find rings of this purpose online.

Aside from simple rings, some can also consist of gems that symbolize different meanings. Some rings can have diamonds, emerald, rose, ruby, amber, amethyst, quartz, sapphire, pearls, turquoise, onyx, and any other precious stone. Each gemstone can represent your personality. That’s why it is important to choose whichever resonates with you the most.


Women love wearing necklaces. Necklaces as a jewelry can become a form of expression or a way to display social status. For women, a popular necklace style has a thin chain with a pendant. Pendants can be precious stones or simply precious metals shaped into specific shapes.

Dog tag necklaces for ladies are more of a personalized style for some. Although dog tags are primarily for men, ladies can also wear them without fear of going out of style. Dog tags can be made out of precious metals and can also contain engravings.

When it comes to materials used, gold and silver are the most popular. Other rare earth metals such as platinum, titanium, and palladium are also good options. Necklaces, especially gold chains for women, serve as an accessory that can add details to a woman’s current outfit. The essence of knowing the person’s preference and the taste is important.


Aside from rings, bracelets are some of the most common presents you can give to anyone. Just like a necklace, a bracelet also has a chain. Some bracelets may contain only the chain or a stone, a symbol, or any trinket that the wearer wants. With that said, bracelets can also have different meanings.

Friendship bracelets can be less expensive but can have a lot of sentimental value. You may exchange and knot these bracelets together as a symbol of your friendship. Remember that jewelry can provide you with benefits based on its features. Turquoise bracelets signify emotional healing, energy level, and balance in your daily life.

Greenstone bracelets can represent personal growth. Bluestone bracelets represent confidence, trust, and loyalty. Pink stone bracelets may signify calmness and self-worth. And Purple stone bracelets may help you have a clear mind and peacefulness.

Bracelets are one of the best choices to consider as a gift for women for its simplicity and convenience. It doesn’t take a lot to wear one too. All you need is to wrap it around your wrist, lock it in, and you’re done.


Though men love watches, a lot of ladies also enjoy wearing one. Many of them have a collection of different watches to match every occasion, function, or outfit. A watch can add elegance to any of your outfits. Aside from that, it provides an essential function to your day-to-day life. Watches are the best companion in your daily errands and the most useful accessories for men and women alike.

There are different styles of watches that you can choose from. Smartwatches for sports, leather or rubber strapped watches for comfort, diver’s watches for work and style, etc. Watches can give a boost to your appeal, especially when partnered with appropriate looks. If you want a gift that you’ll always want her to remember you by, consider gifting her a watch.

In Conclusion

Jewelry is already part of your everyday life. Although you can wear your clothes without jewelry, it can be very dull. These valuable pieces can enhance your overall look. Not only do they go best with your clothes, they can also serve as wonderful tokens for your loved ones. When you want to impress, giving jewelry is the best way to go. 

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